Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Tomorrow, the 'boxing day', Crude performes at Chicks Hotel with the legendary electro-recluse ISO12 !!! This will be a post-xmas 'relief its over' party, also a forum for the release of the wordy 'l'archivio' dvd, which features 77 tracks, 4 vids and a writing section, all as data data data. I'm very happy with this dvd - and i hope you get as much pleasure out of listening to it as i had slaving over it's creation.
Ah, 'tis christmas day; soon, 2009 will grace us, ah, 'twill be the national party's finest hour. So bugger me. The big news - the inauguration of Barack Obama, and, will the alien presence be finally disclosed? Who knows. I doubt it. I've seen one ufo in my lifetime, a small immobile black object in the invercargill heavens, back when i was 4 years old...I could swear it was something un-natural - it simply would not move, a black dot, just hovering, ominous...observing,, reading me,,,downloading my genome,,watching...pulsing...I didn't see it disappear..but you know what - the SAME type of object was spotted in invercargill this year by a family in south invercargill - a small, immobile black dot in the sky - and they saw it leave - it bolted into the air at lightening speed - straight into space, without sound. oh well.
As mentioned earlier, the crude blog for 2009 is here:

.............oh - here is the FINAL song title list for the DVD:

'2008 theme'
'against the street'
'alcoholic descent of famous actress'
'alone by the fire'
'another one bites'
'beast inception'
'black wood, grey air'
'bula droiv'
'cardboard bohemian'
'crude hell bent'
'cruder beat'
'da grind nuu mix'
'death of the patriarch'
'deep field'
'devil racerr'
'dopamine flutter'
'drone of the patriarch'
'eternalize yrrself'
'evil cute kid kill'
'for i have nothing'
'friday (cruder mix)'
'ghz ghz'
'hey hey commando'
'homage 2 gg allin'
'hulan tipall'
'hull, lackey, braggard'
'huul dax'
'i'm a man'
'indistinct and shadowy'
'intent and mobility'
'la fascista'
'la piano 333'
'la piano 444'
'la piano 555'
'miss this'
'new zealand'
'nort juss'
'on an industrial scale'
'puru liir'
'seal 2'
'seething ugly'
'shine on'
'shine on 2'
'shooting up national'
'sikh solace'
'slov kuum'
'spliced swinger'
'syringes and insekts'
'the beggar'
'the sea, the blood'
'the tone, the charm'
'trans caucasus drone warlord'
'tuff in the valley (they make 'em)'
'tulak nozoth'
'ugly competition'
'zhuang zi'

anyways...Aesthetics news...the LP production has been paid for in full, and we are now awaiting the TEST PRESSINGS...yeehaww
until next time...keep cool. merry christmas. obey. consume. die.

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