Thursday, December 4, 2008

the fruits of 2008: soon to be released stuff

Hello. Hello. Hello.
Dose down, cheeks ruddy and life rolling over to its sleepy conclusion : this has been 2008.
On the Crude front - the dvd is nearly finished (released on my brfday december 22) , a few more titless there like 'shooting up national', 'angry' , 'against the street', 'la fascista' , 'science' name just a few...very proud of this dvd . so, it's one of those dvd-rom things - you know , those things that were cool in the early'll have writings, (a prose piece for each piece), photos, 3 vids ('wrk ethic', 'j is for jesus' and some other thing...
The Aesthetics LP, well, nearly sent the master away until i found out it was all 'out of phase',, meanaing its back to the drawing board...apparantly, when mixing digital works for vinyl you must keep certain frequencies 'in phase' so as to not send the needle careering across the dubplates...oh well. its a learning curve , what., we The Aesthetics are playing none again december 13th,,,cant wait what a blast......
erm...isn't fun...heres the crude page on ....and the album 'syringe insekt' know this one:

...politics:::: parliament kicks off december 9...woohoo!
financial crisis! wooohhoooo !!!

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