Thursday, November 13, 2008

stock footage from 2003 plus! microreview #7 - alex mackinnon,pete gorman ,shelly harding,....OPSoA show..

An old friend of mine , Tania Price, posted some footage of my one-and-only art show ('kiosk' a daily matinee and revue of my cover art - especially the black and white photocopied stuff ---like so::::

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

...yeaH...anyways..erm..heres a link to the VIDEO. Its potentially amusing footage if you like your compere short and strange and born iun southland. talking garbage. And why not. Wasn't it Baudrillard who said we need MORE rubbish out there - more anti-simulacrum simulacrum ? More anti-media media? Gilbert? Am i wrong? i go at 'art writing'. Something I may never do again. Now, I'm a bogan, so, don't expect art nz mag material. Ok???
-----um, went to an art show last night - a good one, mind. So good I shouted the show another box of booze. Mister-arts benefactor. Micro-loans. Anything to usurp attention eh? (manipulative lttle creep -- naaaaah). The artists of the evening were Alex Mackinnon, Pete Gorman and Shelley Harding .(now if I missed something i'm sorry)From my viewpoint, flux was the prime motif here - movement - invisible and visible, and its visual/sonic/spatial representation. Gormans installation, a mechanised pendulum augmented with all manner of transmitters, radio devices, mini-cameras, and a panoply of wires was the real rock and roller of the night. 2 large projections behind the ever writhing implement captured the bizarre de-tuned transmission(s?) and re-coded it as beautifully agressive tv glitchery not disimilar to the quality of transmission from those dodgy head-mounted cams the crew of the nostromo beamed back to Ash on their fateful walk out to the derelict ship on Lv-426 (oh, you remember). A radio tuned between stations (am? fm? sw?) relayed a hypnotic drone/signal - chance musics - the range of tone and pitch was astounding. A truly beautiful amalgam of drive and constancy and gurgle and purr. Perhaps his assessor felt the same way, who knows.
MacKinnon used sound as his medium. A trio of cabinet-extracted speakers were masterfully strung to ceiling and wall creating a zennist enclave and a perfectly proportioned template for the prepared sound-fields to channel through. You know, you can say 'drone', but the word simply dosen't do justice to the spectrum and variety of sound that a drone can acheive. Literally millions of different genera of drone. Mackinnon, cleverly referencing Lucier, coaxed out dozens of alternate drones and sounds from a single source. Scoff all you want - sound art exists. so go buy an installation or buy a friken record of the stuff. Its hipper than smoking a hookah on k road or living with someone who knew andy warhol once.
Lastly, and no, not leastly was one Shelly Harding- video art this time. A beautiful looping tryptich feauting a human figure, masked, performing 3 different home-gym excercises. Very very smart and amusing material (if i was wealthier I'd buy the data and have it at home)and a wall sized chess board/smorgasboard of female mouths, gossiping,reciting, divulging dirty secrets, abstract bubbling brooks of mouths and ruddy lip-schtick,,totally hypnotic - very much a work indiciative of the lil' boxes /profiles of the web-age, dozens of concurrent streams of thought and narrative/concord and discord - back-biting and dual-faced careerist mulch.
I write this review because I respect the work of these artists, i was there, and I had a good time. So,, if this review, in all it's non-referential philstinismism, does anyone any good, then GOOD. bee bob a luula shes my baybee.


leekos said...

middleton knows the good shit!

broughtskin said...

insightful review its good to hear the perspective of someone outside of art school