Saturday, November 8, 2008

the nz election - the live blog

...9.08 pm votes -- 39% national is ahead.
cocky blood reddens pearl necklace blonde silver spoon money heroin family - 6.8 million dollar mansion - tory media led election victory for national - kiwis will believe anything - blood and guts - death - financiers waiting in the wings to insert fattened phalli into us - death - 49% national is ahead - --
9.14 pm -- blonde rankin heroin cocaine funds private funds products'n'services - what will they offer - lock up the frustrated - john key takes nervous shit - blonde nazi sheik - national party - cocaine inserts - change! change! change! change! change for the rich! growth ! growth! growth!
54% returned --- national is ahead.....cocky conserves /skins tighten /dopamine shooting-up (very wealthy children of ceo takes heroin for the first time and feels normal for the first time)- undeserving poor closer closer to messy deaths at hands of noblemen street-fighting mob - undeserving unproductive children need personal responsibility (in form of powders, glues, milk-products, agri business, govt subsidies for business) for grey-power rocket felch in cocaine nazi blonde ambition family - keep on growing - even when the resources run out - new markets : selling heroin to auckland's wealthy - good idea - attn paris hilton : flood auckland 2009 - right wing govt good ground for this enterprise ---
9.40 - 70% return. National is ahead. Greedy grimace/grin lamb-chop right leaning fetish fetish - national is in. with ACT as head sadist. Media has told us this is the outcome right from january '08. our pulverized brains just go along with it. How many people in this country really know what the right stand for? Or do we just identify with the black and white rugger bugger get-off-yr-butt rhetoric gung-ho hurl-spiel of the fattened lamb-butter boys - couch potato - national - tory - republic - they've usurped barak obamas change meme - wrong ideology mate! change. they're changing right! oh yeah.whatever.75% - 46.1% to national. they lead.
the poor - bail out the rich. everytime. social policy. zakat. lemmings. cost/benefit. We are all purely rational beings. statistics. machines. growth. bohemian. ethyl alcohol. robyn malcolm. pizza and coffee. ivory dealers. public/private. making the private public since 1974. secrets. lies. stem-cell research. testicle. genome. king-maker. maori/national rightist merger. ge money. bayer pharmaceuticals. prozac. privatisation. corporate welfare. sales. lackey. braggard. mummies boys. there is no depression in new zealand. prime minister. views. cabinet. mafia interests. pressure groups. tags. microsoft.
i get the feeling we've all bought into the memetic usurpation of barack obamas 'change' theme.
10.00 pm thinks it's over. for me. for people like me. weak people. people who never grew up. people who gave themselves over to their madness - their muse. Real work beckons. Real, decent work. A change. I must join the dairy industry. Or its over for me.
private. private. private. pepsi runs kindergartens. macdonalds runs primary schools. work and income exxon/mobile. private/public. john key's house. a fresh target. call the feds.
some signs of movement. 87% returned. nats ahead. it's over. industry. resources. we've signed ourselves over in this stupid trance-state. we're dead.
10.08pm Hi Mum. You got the change you wanted. Guess its time to let the entrepreneur inside me come out of the closet. Maybe selling guns? Start a sort of artist mafia/gang? NZ dosen't want to protect the vulnerable. NZ seemingly dosen't want so many things it's grown accustomed to. Oh well. When it turns to shit, its our own fukkin fault. We've made our fukkin bed. Interest cuts on student loans is back. We're fuckd. the baby-boomer cockys have their prurient inbred toffe-nosed fun once it over??? erm...


Anonymous said...

harden up

peterquixote said...

great day for New Zealand dude, watch our place in the world recover from Czech and Iceland status to someting you will be proud of,

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