Thursday, November 6, 2008

the creative madman under National - a manifesto

1. The hogget'n'beef bloated cocky has his power back. The ACT party will insert it's fascist kiwi-style libertarianism into our jellyfish-like recti/lives. United future will provide the lubricant. The angry working poor now have executive governmental approval to blame the unemployed and unemployable for their personal problems. The meme is set in blue australian mineral/steel, and the coke snorting, butt-plug wearing, gimp-in-secret CEO-set shall spit on me and you and ma and pop forever amen.

2. The anti-political-correctness meme is back in the executive government level. Let the 'entrepreneurs' and old-moneyed brat-spawn stare down upon ye through royal roman noses. Let them heckel and bray. Secret coprophiliacs - a true New Zealand culture. The mantra: - through soiled, gurgling shit spangled throats-- "the poor - why,, they are lazy! For they have chosen their lot! Why should we pay!! Why should we pay tax full stop! Ducky --take a nice hot shit on my face...aaaaa yes! yes!!

3. To be an artist or musician, a 'creative'; to our enemy, this is always seen as a weak ambition. Something essentially deviant, evidence of mental illness, or a lack of 'spine'. Under National - regardless of ones living standards..even without access to not stop your flow - keep your output alive. Keep it coming. Change your medium perhaps - if there are no tools/materials at your disposal, take up ritual magic, invent religions, perform in the street. And get ugly. Represent the truth - what life under national is really like. Observe the anomie. Be the anomie. Document the inequalities - expose them, and confuse the conservative mind. Vex upon vex upon hex upon hex. All we have left. Concoct and knead curses with bloodied knuckles.

4. You cannot 'buy' genius - and this fact frustrates the wealthy - it sends them into a psychotic, foaming, demonic fury.

5. Drugs are good for you. Drugs aid in your ritual. Your 'art'.

6. Being poor under National : a different kind of poor.

7. The money will trickle up. Your wage streams through you. You are a conduit for
the shifting of funds from remote private interest to remote private interest. To make something is the enemy of consumerism -a passive dance


theorez07-12 said...

harden up

peterquixote said...

drivel dude, look at the facts, we are in a terrible situation because of Socialism.
Only private enterprise works.
Ten years of NAT party dude,
What do you say Australia,?
maybe Slovak republic,
Romania, Bulgaria?
Iceland where would you like to live?