Tuesday, October 21, 2008

why 'blog'? why not 'glog'?

Music is life and life is music. Oh, I hope the New Zealand National Party don't make it hard for me to make it. Whatever they put me through, nahh, I'll still be making music. I imagine it'll be fiercer, more deranged, more desperate and savage. And my performances may be too, but i'll probably be too anemic and hungry to get too powerful up there..hail the brighter neoliberal future!! Heil!! Well- on the surface at least the party is looking to 'maintain' funding for the arts at the same level as it is now and it'll keep PACE afloat apparently...

The news of the hour::: the AESTHETICS ALBUM. It's pretty much DONE and MAN it kicks ASS.
The sound has evolved into a kind of less punky, more, i dunnow, new wave/alt rock type thing, the sly musical wit of Alex Chilton, the fiendish funk of late 70s Iggy Pop, the purulent anger and grotesquries of GG Allins Murder Junkies, the lo-fi slime of Flipper, the saxophonic angularity of The Contortions, the undeniable influence/inspiration provided by Chrome and Helios Creed (unmistakeable!!unavoidable!!)...all of these references suit the new sound/album.
Well be playing Chicks Hotel this Saturday (the 25th) as well as playing our favourite musics/drinking roles.

What else. Not that much really. I've taken up Tai Chi, and I love it.

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