Thursday, October 30, 2008

microreview #6 - dirtroom and armpit , none gallery, 30.10.08

Another gathering at the None Gallery, a performance by Armpit, the brilliant dirt-guitar ex-hamilton outfit featuring all-stars Pumice, CjA, and (absent for this show) Jon 'sugarjon' Arcus, and Dirtroom - savage inner-city guitar perspectives. Armpit are celebrating the release of their album 'tron' on Last Visible Dog records (and look at all these other kiwis Chris Moon has released!). Dirtroom have also just completed an awesome album entitled 'Curses'.(info here)
An intimate evening - typical of an evening with the Nonesters, good willed, friendly, a celebration of sound-arts and a collective bat-on-the-back. A good way to blow off the foetid steam of weekly living as a student/artist..that is..generally strapped with a sporadic wad of heavily creased, p-lined and grocery-listed cash here/there from gigs sales..

Wonderful to be in the superlative presence of Mr Stefan Neville(pumice)once more,this is a man who has the fortitude and single-minded art-market savvy to take his inimitable show to the world, funding or no, and to release title after title, illustration after illustration, gem after gem and drum like a pro to boot.
Also present was Zoe Drayton, one of the most passionate advocates of sound art I've ever met, a true driving force here and founder of the Audio Foundation. This is the person to know if your aesthetic aspirations are not those of dave dobbyns and more like john cage's. I'm a member of the AF and it is truly the finest effort to consolidate and network this young scene to date.

Gigs gradually become more like art installations...well, sound-art gigs are...and so does the peripheral noise-rock/ethereal drone scene.its not a bad's about really listening and appreciating the sound...of course I make a point to have a project alive that will reject these socio-spatial requirements - gigs a real wild party complete with heckling, dancing and pernicious satanic character asassination and bloody gossip through the entire show...a true blues rock 'gig' in a pub in a town in the South Island of New Zealand. Yeah yeah yeah. Shut up.

Anyway, this gig was great. Dirtroom are a force field, and their noise is increasingly subtle and evil - Armpit are legendary, micro-entreprenuers - bastions of DIY, real role-models and modellers of the scene. Heard of in Finland. Even.

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