Wednesday, October 1, 2008

even MORE places to stream CRUDE online

wowww..they're calling it a sort of napoleonic complex...hell..they may even be right!!
Here are links to more placeS where I've stashed songs!!! okay...well...we got:

1. - one of the original realms of free crudery

Bebo - the 'bebo' album - an experiment in nothingness: and possible indie pop glory:

err....where else...oh yeah..i'm all over the internet archive:

and i'm even on naPoleonic complex - quite probable.

and - the new album -------'syringe/insekt' - a different version of the other one (
on my site/internet archive)

and ......will i ever like..give up!!?? someone shut me up!!! I'm never going away!! NEVER!!!!! NEEVVVEERRR!!!

The old original myspace page:

So...that's just the 'alternate' place to stream crude!!!! the official channels are found
woohoo.. oh yeah....thought i'd repost this section::
...."That naked creature, the new zealand creative. Oh! breath with me now - ponder this, the 21st century urban's tenderloin system, it's butter-milk work-wheels, it's cauliflower-ear'd cabal, it's necrotic free-masonry, it's heroic cockies, hoodies yellowed, eyes-on-dope, ancestral frown lines cavernous..'Yo Dick!'..George street: Lo! The public figurine : the plaster-cast artist: she who hath 'willingly' 'selected' that 'insecure' 'lifestyle' 'option'. Tattered, leathered and android, hypnotized on govt cheese, ministry of social development eugenics and the relentless tv3-tv2-tv1 media attention on the daily acts of uniquely kiwi brutality, rape, torture and murder (let alone the gory, nightly, scatalogically vouyeristic and unnecessarily realist cop drama autopsies) all of it dosed out every night like your suppertime war-time tripe'n'greul. And Tv3 will tell you : national has already won! And tv3 will tell you to save power! All the while 'essential' industry sucks up as much as it 'needs'. The little ones all take the risk in the end. We take the risk. We are the buffer-zone. Kept anxious and work-ready. Labour flows. Mobile. Upskilling perpetually.

With all this in the ugly kiwi air.....still! her mirror reflects. The medium may be the word, the line, the sound - the mirror still reflects. And soon, ye who do not yet 'sell', who do not yet 'earn' : soon : the market liberals take power. And STILL : your mirror will reflect. As it does and always will. And you will be marginalized further. And further. And your out-put will darken, madden. It will become louder.

To the New Zealand creative: if national wins the 2008 election - don't stop. Just get louder. Harder. Sicker. Uglier. Smellier. BE the poverty. Show the upper-classes what it does to your mental health - BE the disease. Get right in their whimpering,spastic, painted on faces. Throw their shit back at them. Use what is available. The internet. The pen. The brush. The amplifier. The microphone. The vibrator. The toe-clipper. If you're too weak - withdraw, hibernate, plan, plot, store, percolate. Scratch it out on private scrolls.

Well, i thats probably what i'll do."

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