Thursday, October 30, 2008

microreview #6 - dirtroom and armpit , none gallery, 30.10.08

Another gathering at the None Gallery, a performance by Armpit, the brilliant dirt-guitar ex-hamilton outfit featuring all-stars Pumice, CjA, and (absent for this show) Jon 'sugarjon' Arcus, and Dirtroom - savage inner-city guitar perspectives. Armpit are celebrating the release of their album 'tron' on Last Visible Dog records (and look at all these other kiwis Chris Moon has released!). Dirtroom have also just completed an awesome album entitled 'Curses'.(info here)
An intimate evening - typical of an evening with the Nonesters, good willed, friendly, a celebration of sound-arts and a collective bat-on-the-back. A good way to blow off the foetid steam of weekly living as a student/artist..that is..generally strapped with a sporadic wad of heavily creased, p-lined and grocery-listed cash here/there from gigs sales..

Wonderful to be in the superlative presence of Mr Stefan Neville(pumice)once more,this is a man who has the fortitude and single-minded art-market savvy to take his inimitable show to the world, funding or no, and to release title after title, illustration after illustration, gem after gem and drum like a pro to boot.
Also present was Zoe Drayton, one of the most passionate advocates of sound art I've ever met, a true driving force here and founder of the Audio Foundation. This is the person to know if your aesthetic aspirations are not those of dave dobbyns and more like john cage's. I'm a member of the AF and it is truly the finest effort to consolidate and network this young scene to date.

Gigs gradually become more like art installations...well, sound-art gigs are...and so does the peripheral noise-rock/ethereal drone scene.its not a bad's about really listening and appreciating the sound...of course I make a point to have a project alive that will reject these socio-spatial requirements - gigs a real wild party complete with heckling, dancing and pernicious satanic character asassination and bloody gossip through the entire show...a true blues rock 'gig' in a pub in a town in the South Island of New Zealand. Yeah yeah yeah. Shut up.

Anyway, this gig was great. Dirtroom are a force field, and their noise is increasingly subtle and evil - Armpit are legendary, micro-entreprenuers - bastions of DIY, real role-models and modellers of the scene. Heard of in Finland. Even.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

the aesthetics - gig commentary

check it out at the aesthetics blog here:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

end times jukebox -

the set list (oh yes how utterly fascinating!) as 'spun' by the 'end times jukeboxx' for the aesthetics gig at chicks on saturday ............
oh what an arrogant and pretentious assortment of snobby musics! as if you care!!!
ahoy! what ho! hey nonny nonny!

1. theme from stalker (russian film)
2. psychic tv - being lost
3. serge gainsbourg - le poinconneur des lilas.....
4. alan vega - ice drummer
5. van halen - running with the devil
6. sisters of mercy - anaconda
7. the germs - sugar sugar
8. slayer - black magic
9. sham 69 - hersham boys (live)
10. serge gainsbourg - harley david son of a bitch
11. the plasmatics - sex junkie
12. lene lovich - wonderful one
13. leonard cohen - im your man
14. gg allin - i hate people
15. fela kuti - zombie
16. john carpenter - assault on precinct 13 main theme
17. neil young - don't cry no tears
18. the puddle - rat park
19. nikki sudden - stuck on china
----------------------------------end of set one
perhaps a more pop orientated, accessible group of songs.

set 2.
more electronic orientated:

1. throbbing gristle - splitting sky
2. crude - i'm a man
3. tolerance - sound round
4. grandmaster flash & the furious five - new york , new york
5. ellen allien - MM
6. Cinema Verite - side 2 of 'der weisse rauch'
cassette 1984. GET IT HERE

set 3 - punkier - drunkier

1. helios creed - invitation
2. gg allin - i need adventure
3. lydia lunch - lightening's girl
4. swell maps - midget submarines
5. daf - sato-sato
6. alice cooper - elected
7. billy idol - white wedding
8. sylvias mother - dr hook
9. trois gymnopedie - satie
10. hot chocolate - everyones a winner
11. herbie hancock - rockit
12. pussy galore - kill yourself
13. the plasmatics - black leather monster
14. aleister crowley -vive la france
15. phases of the moon - peking opera melody
16. artaud -pour en finir
17. georgio moroder - scarface - end title

psycho-geographic analysis of the gig to come!!! thrills and spills! ugly ambition!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

why 'blog'? why not 'glog'?

Music is life and life is music. Oh, I hope the New Zealand National Party don't make it hard for me to make it. Whatever they put me through, nahh, I'll still be making music. I imagine it'll be fiercer, more deranged, more desperate and savage. And my performances may be too, but i'll probably be too anemic and hungry to get too powerful up there..hail the brighter neoliberal future!! Heil!! Well- on the surface at least the party is looking to 'maintain' funding for the arts at the same level as it is now and it'll keep PACE afloat apparently...

The news of the hour::: the AESTHETICS ALBUM. It's pretty much DONE and MAN it kicks ASS.
The sound has evolved into a kind of less punky, more, i dunnow, new wave/alt rock type thing, the sly musical wit of Alex Chilton, the fiendish funk of late 70s Iggy Pop, the purulent anger and grotesquries of GG Allins Murder Junkies, the lo-fi slime of Flipper, the saxophonic angularity of The Contortions, the undeniable influence/inspiration provided by Chrome and Helios Creed (unmistakeable!!unavoidable!!)...all of these references suit the new sound/album.
Well be playing Chicks Hotel this Saturday (the 25th) as well as playing our favourite musics/drinking roles.

What else. Not that much really. I've taken up Tai Chi, and I love it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


this fresh batch from the USA are $30 each. u'll see em at gigs, on the street, up yr nose etc.
Also, the Aesthetics are playin Chicks Hotel, Pt Chalmers on Saturday the 25th of October!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

microreview #555 - onefest 5 - the hasselhoff experiment, general winters' freak train, the autoharpies, and crude

To keep a string of reviews astringent and alive and spontaneous can be a difficult procedure because yr dealing with 'samey' situations and sounds. Perhaps a theme could be proffered for each new review. This week feminist. Next week post-structuralist . Naahhhhh. I ain't THAT academic, me mateys. Not me. Sorry Bob.

..A fly in a end-of-days stupor slams into the window and we recall the weekend.

Radio One throws these yearly parties called Onefests. This weekend saw number 5 down at...yep..Chicks Hotel in our favourite port community, Port Chalmers. (where????)
The Hasselhof Experiment were to re-invent themselves that night, yo MFs, we're back.
To me it was the AutoHarpies night. Me being a big fan and all. Even objectively indeed..scientitionisticly, it really was their night. because it is...OUR problem.
After my token 'look what i can do (with a bottle)' 30 minute performance the Harpies took their auto-pills and unleashed the fiercest, most atonal, most destructive, most evil, most machinistic, most unmanageable (and unmarketable) din I've heard from a live band in a long time. With a drummer auto-high and blasting binary..keeping a lid on the swirl just ever so slightly. A rhythm based band. Atonal - except for the devilry of their voices, a note sustained here and there. The retro-referential synth-horn-section overdriven and bastardized. Bass with indifferent forward-drive. Noise for noise sake. An apocalyptic, musically nihilistic tour de force.
I wonder to myself - my God - Radio One who is owned by (who?) who is owned by (who??) is celebrating and supporting this...this...noise?? These type of bands are pure art - pure dada, dirty to the core, as poor as a wall street exec...there must be someone on the inside...oh,,yes,,thats right. There is. Your place in heaven is secure, sir/madam.

The Disc Jockey of the evening was General Winter's Freak Train , aka Aaron Hawkins, spinning an curious mix of musics to suit the dangerously eclecticism of bands. Some really interesting noisey stuff..lotsa 'whats this'? and 'who's this' from me - buggin the dj like a star-fucker on ecstacy

Crude and The Autoharpies didn't truly fit in with the sound and style of the H.E, the former 2 acts blasting off into the acrid nether-regions of sound and unsound all arty like (not quite fitting into the new free noise/improv scene (I'm so sensitive. I'm so serious) OR the 'rock'n'roll scene (i'm so unpolitical. i'm so meat.I had sex)) or the punk scene (i don't care. I'm under 20 ) OR the indie lo-fi (my acoustic guitar is my mother) scene or the new doom scene(i smoke sooo much pot. I am male.)...even the dunedin scene (i'm from dunedin and i'm in a band so whatever we do its cool)) Maybe thats why the guys didn't turn up to see the support bands. Or maybe they did, but they weren't there when I was. They more than likely were on the road right up to the point of the show driving their v8 holden straight into the stage from outside jumping out and spraying the crowd with flame etc etc. Nevermind. Word is...they were....good. Yep. Fuggin good. Booze soaked rock. Drummer-in-trance plus buckled over gat gurgle-creature. Anti-Seenerama. They arrived, played and got outta dodge. Yeeeehawwww.
And so am I.
Sayonara you smelly south island retards!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

even MORE places to stream CRUDE online

wowww..they're calling it a sort of napoleonic complex...hell..they may even be right!!
Here are links to more placeS where I've stashed songs!!! okay...well...we got:

1. - one of the original realms of free crudery

Bebo - the 'bebo' album - an experiment in nothingness: and possible indie pop glory:

err....where else...oh yeah..i'm all over the internet archive:

and i'm even on naPoleonic complex - quite probable.

and - the new album -------'syringe/insekt' - a different version of the other one (
on my site/internet archive)

and ......will i ever like..give up!!?? someone shut me up!!! I'm never going away!! NEVER!!!!! NEEVVVEERRR!!!

The old original myspace page:

So...that's just the 'alternate' place to stream crude!!!! the official channels are found
woohoo.. oh yeah....thought i'd repost this section::
...."That naked creature, the new zealand creative. Oh! breath with me now - ponder this, the 21st century urban's tenderloin system, it's butter-milk work-wheels, it's cauliflower-ear'd cabal, it's necrotic free-masonry, it's heroic cockies, hoodies yellowed, eyes-on-dope, ancestral frown lines cavernous..'Yo Dick!'..George street: Lo! The public figurine : the plaster-cast artist: she who hath 'willingly' 'selected' that 'insecure' 'lifestyle' 'option'. Tattered, leathered and android, hypnotized on govt cheese, ministry of social development eugenics and the relentless tv3-tv2-tv1 media attention on the daily acts of uniquely kiwi brutality, rape, torture and murder (let alone the gory, nightly, scatalogically vouyeristic and unnecessarily realist cop drama autopsies) all of it dosed out every night like your suppertime war-time tripe'n'greul. And Tv3 will tell you : national has already won! And tv3 will tell you to save power! All the while 'essential' industry sucks up as much as it 'needs'. The little ones all take the risk in the end. We take the risk. We are the buffer-zone. Kept anxious and work-ready. Labour flows. Mobile. Upskilling perpetually.

With all this in the ugly kiwi air.....still! her mirror reflects. The medium may be the word, the line, the sound - the mirror still reflects. And soon, ye who do not yet 'sell', who do not yet 'earn' : soon : the market liberals take power. And STILL : your mirror will reflect. As it does and always will. And you will be marginalized further. And further. And your out-put will darken, madden. It will become louder.

To the New Zealand creative: if national wins the 2008 election - don't stop. Just get louder. Harder. Sicker. Uglier. Smellier. BE the poverty. Show the upper-classes what it does to your mental health - BE the disease. Get right in their whimpering,spastic, painted on faces. Throw their shit back at them. Use what is available. The internet. The pen. The brush. The amplifier. The microphone. The vibrator. The toe-clipper. If you're too weak - withdraw, hibernate, plan, plot, store, percolate. Scratch it out on private scrolls.

Well, i thats probably what i'll do."