Wednesday, September 24, 2008

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Crudetivity over the next couplea weeks::; well sir,,on Sunday the 28th Crude will be supporting Lucky Dragons, for sale at that gig will be the nu tee shrrt, i gots 4 - 2 'xs', one 's' and one 'm' - but these sizes are deceptive - in reality they're a size up - the xs tees are actually small etc etc. I'll have an audio copy of 'fumes' , a 'wretched five' data cd, and a copy of the new 'crudepod 06-08' datacd adventure there. On October the 2nd Crude will hit port chalmers once again to join in the festivites--the onefestivities--- numba 5 that is,,supportin' the Hasselfhoff Experiment, and , ohh shucks i get-ta see the AutoHarpies again!!. As far as Aesthetics action is concerned, whelp, we got another Port-side gig, it'll be our first in a while - and we'll be in celebration mode hopefully as we should, I emphasize should, have most of if not all of the 'ugly ambition' tracks recorded by that point. But we won't have copies...we'll be looking to titlate labels far and wide before deciding on a self release or not. all going well however we may have a fresh batch of 'Off' cds direct from the USA to sell. Theres quite a sad story behind this album, one of my most enthusiastic american supporters was one Ian Thomas, who died tragically and well before his time from an agressive brain tumour. He was a good friend and my 'biggest fan' well, in the USA at least. Heres to ya Ian.
ALSO ____ THE VIDEO FOR J IS FOR JESUS -- LIVE -- A SPLICED TOGETHER REISSUE FILMED BY PETE GORMAN (variant media)and M O T O K O will be on youtube soon!!!!! woohoo. for now, check out my 'crudetube' page:

CRUDE - crudepod 06-08
for the sake of simplicity, convenience, symmetry with current trends Crude has compiled a
mp3 data disc that features the booty and blood from the albums
fumes(2006), slurries vols 1 annd 2 (2007), podcast ep (2006), dopamine 20 (2006),
kenji siratori and crude 'alien extermination' (2007) and syringe insekt(2008)!
all 128 kbps mp3s -----------------------------------------------
all encrusted onto a cd!!!! And to you sir, that'll be $50.

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