Sunday, September 28, 2008

microreview#4 - stefanimal, crude , lucky dragons

firstly however - Crude has joined the ranks of - here's the page:

And also - i'm doin a live-top-air on thursday october 2nd 7-9 on radio 1 91.3 fm.

......Good vibrations cascaded across the great pacific ocean and into the dunedinite soul last evening in the form of the Lucky Dragons, a two piece act from the Los Angeles area. Lucky Dragons are two androgynous/alien types (a complement in my book), Luke Fishbeck and Sarah Rara . This is the sound of the 'new wierd america' - a 'folktronic'/psychedelic movement that embraces innocence, simplicity, polyphony, effects coaxed from homemade and handmade instrumentation/gadgetry. While in NYC in 2006 I viewed this trend first hand - perhaps the movement is a reaction to the hyper-technology of the age, a reaction against the boys-own doom-metal school that is also a very hep thing right now. I have to say it - I was kinda disapointed on realizing that folk/americana/bluegrass/medieval is de rigeur in the US..I came from a type of hicksville to experience 'urban culture' and what I got was another, although a very stylized, hicksville. Surely its a reaction. No-one wants to be sohpisticated anymore. The white kids are discovering their pastoral roots.
Ohhh well. I'll just keep doing my thing. Futuristic, heavy, complex and mentally ill. An unfeeling cacophony care of a bullet proof little boy with megalomaniacal fantasies. Ouch. I know how to hurt myself.

Anyways. Support acts. First Stefanimal.
This woman owes it to herself to take that sound overseas. Its easier said than done of course. I sometimes even resent it when someone tries to encourage me to leave this country.. I dunnow - it's a complement but its like...I live here...I'm sorry but I live here and I'm not anyways..Stefanimal performed and yes - I enjoyed her set. Like Pet Shop Boys high on nitrous. A sensitive, ethereal keyboard driven singer/songwriter adventure - intelligent lyricism, new-wave/new romantic/electro-pop angst underneath a haunting alter-boy-on-smack voice...perhaps goth, perhaps too subtle to be goth. Keep an internet-mediated eye out for this artists progress.........
The audience trickled in gradual couple-based increments..this certainly wasn't a typical backstage evening. And the fact that it was 'god's day' didn't help either. As a performer a Sunday is always an anomalous enterprise.
I played next, yes, me, Crude, in my LA olympics 1984 singlet - almost gay-chic maybe -- all that was missing was the thick mo' and the aviators....nothing out of the ordinary,,backing cd doing all the work...saxophone stabs and bleats...the new post-industrial warble of 'hey hey commando'...synth stitch and swoop..alan vega in my blood...
Then 'twas the Lucky! A ritual - the usurpation of duality and its transmutation into all that monistic. (In other words - they become 'one'). Soprano recorders, pentatonic scales, pretty tones, offerings of rocks and pepples, a strange theremin and audience paricipation ..On the projector sceen they played THIS movie..

Some of the audience left disturbed at the 'ritualistic' character of the Lucky's, but most were uplifted. I felt healed as I woke the next day. And I mean it. Improvised music is a shamanistic phenomomenon and it can be utilized for many highy subjective and personal purposes..including a type of buddhistic cleansing of the mind/soul. One 'deals with' concepts of ego, past issues, person-to-person relations/proximity, claustrophobias/social phobias as one performs. Improvisation is the perfect vehicle for channeling and 'banishing' them. So there. So sayeth Dr Middleton. Whatever. Bye. See ya.

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oliver fluxx said...

i just saw them here in berlin

it was awesome

and i talked to them about you after :)