Monday, September 1, 2008

" L'archivio dei lavori ultimati da Matt Middleton per l'ANNUNCIO 2008 di anno" ------tracks so far this year

The work for this dvd is coming along just NICE! So there'll be plenty of songs, lots of scans of stupid drawings and photos and what else, oh yeah a written section and maybe a vid. All on one dvd. For yr records, here are the song titles so far::

.fr - scathe/soap loop
aerosoll - aero drone done
alone by the fire - cave on casio
another one bites the dust - queer chunks
beast inception - blue/black synth
blackened deadened keys - blackened hypnosiss
breath - zennist lung
bula droiv - concrete licourice stik
cirrus - hydrosphere whispies
codex - crackle maths
crack - throat glitch
crude hell bent remix - metal storms
da grind - sabbath on synth on static
deep field - heavy wind research
devil racerr - synth motors
dopamine flutter - urban fields
for i have nothing - bank account readings
ghz ghz - lite tek
homage to gg allin - nihil loops
hulan tipall - ritual wind
hull, lackey, braggard - word crimes
huul dax - sax cone
ugly competition - computer chant
know - voice piss
leary - found sounds . ripp offs
miss this - isolated loop
no - voice exercises
nort juss - clarinet
nothing - computer secrets/lies
o - nerd-tekker
on an industrial scale - apokalyptikon
puru liir - glide sax
seal - groan drone
seething ugly - ambition
shine on - crystal
shooter - click spatter
sikh solace - mantra mange
slov kuum - concrete cull
spliced swinger - looop'n'roll
syringes and insects - crystalline hump
tallow - blip gristle
tape droner 1 and 2 - swiss chard
the sea, the blood - lake eerie
the tone, the charm - uplifted
transcauscaus drone warlord - memories of welly
tuff in da valley - bogan anthem (whispered)
tulak nozoth - sacred arts, the
vortexx - residents, the
zhuang zi - historical reference

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