Sunday, September 28, 2008

microreview#4 - stefanimal, crude , lucky dragons

firstly however - Crude has joined the ranks of - here's the page:

And also - i'm doin a live-top-air on thursday october 2nd 7-9 on radio 1 91.3 fm.

......Good vibrations cascaded across the great pacific ocean and into the dunedinite soul last evening in the form of the Lucky Dragons, a two piece act from the Los Angeles area. Lucky Dragons are two androgynous/alien types (a complement in my book), Luke Fishbeck and Sarah Rara . This is the sound of the 'new wierd america' - a 'folktronic'/psychedelic movement that embraces innocence, simplicity, polyphony, effects coaxed from homemade and handmade instrumentation/gadgetry. While in NYC in 2006 I viewed this trend first hand - perhaps the movement is a reaction to the hyper-technology of the age, a reaction against the boys-own doom-metal school that is also a very hep thing right now. I have to say it - I was kinda disapointed on realizing that folk/americana/bluegrass/medieval is de rigeur in the US..I came from a type of hicksville to experience 'urban culture' and what I got was another, although a very stylized, hicksville. Surely its a reaction. No-one wants to be sohpisticated anymore. The white kids are discovering their pastoral roots.
Ohhh well. I'll just keep doing my thing. Futuristic, heavy, complex and mentally ill. An unfeeling cacophony care of a bullet proof little boy with megalomaniacal fantasies. Ouch. I know how to hurt myself.

Anyways. Support acts. First Stefanimal.
This woman owes it to herself to take that sound overseas. Its easier said than done of course. I sometimes even resent it when someone tries to encourage me to leave this country.. I dunnow - it's a complement but its like...I live here...I'm sorry but I live here and I'm not anyways..Stefanimal performed and yes - I enjoyed her set. Like Pet Shop Boys high on nitrous. A sensitive, ethereal keyboard driven singer/songwriter adventure - intelligent lyricism, new-wave/new romantic/electro-pop angst underneath a haunting alter-boy-on-smack voice...perhaps goth, perhaps too subtle to be goth. Keep an internet-mediated eye out for this artists progress.........
The audience trickled in gradual couple-based increments..this certainly wasn't a typical backstage evening. And the fact that it was 'god's day' didn't help either. As a performer a Sunday is always an anomalous enterprise.
I played next, yes, me, Crude, in my LA olympics 1984 singlet - almost gay-chic maybe -- all that was missing was the thick mo' and the aviators....nothing out of the ordinary,,backing cd doing all the work...saxophone stabs and bleats...the new post-industrial warble of 'hey hey commando'...synth stitch and swoop..alan vega in my blood...
Then 'twas the Lucky! A ritual - the usurpation of duality and its transmutation into all that monistic. (In other words - they become 'one'). Soprano recorders, pentatonic scales, pretty tones, offerings of rocks and pepples, a strange theremin and audience paricipation ..On the projector sceen they played THIS movie..

Some of the audience left disturbed at the 'ritualistic' character of the Lucky's, but most were uplifted. I felt healed as I woke the next day. And I mean it. Improvised music is a shamanistic phenomomenon and it can be utilized for many highy subjective and personal purposes..including a type of buddhistic cleansing of the mind/soul. One 'deals with' concepts of ego, past issues, person-to-person relations/proximity, claustrophobias/social phobias as one performs. Improvisation is the perfect vehicle for channeling and 'banishing' them. So there. So sayeth Dr Middleton. Whatever. Bye. See ya.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

new aesthetics blog::

a blog specifically devoted to the life and times and rants of the members of the aesthetics is here:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

this is - the news

Crudetivity over the next couplea weeks::; well sir,,on Sunday the 28th Crude will be supporting Lucky Dragons, for sale at that gig will be the nu tee shrrt, i gots 4 - 2 'xs', one 's' and one 'm' - but these sizes are deceptive - in reality they're a size up - the xs tees are actually small etc etc. I'll have an audio copy of 'fumes' , a 'wretched five' data cd, and a copy of the new 'crudepod 06-08' datacd adventure there. On October the 2nd Crude will hit port chalmers once again to join in the festivites--the onefestivities--- numba 5 that is,,supportin' the Hasselfhoff Experiment, and , ohh shucks i get-ta see the AutoHarpies again!!. As far as Aesthetics action is concerned, whelp, we got another Port-side gig, it'll be our first in a while - and we'll be in celebration mode hopefully as we should, I emphasize should, have most of if not all of the 'ugly ambition' tracks recorded by that point. But we won't have copies...we'll be looking to titlate labels far and wide before deciding on a self release or not. all going well however we may have a fresh batch of 'Off' cds direct from the USA to sell. Theres quite a sad story behind this album, one of my most enthusiastic american supporters was one Ian Thomas, who died tragically and well before his time from an agressive brain tumour. He was a good friend and my 'biggest fan' well, in the USA at least. Heres to ya Ian.
ALSO ____ THE VIDEO FOR J IS FOR JESUS -- LIVE -- A SPLICED TOGETHER REISSUE FILMED BY PETE GORMAN (variant media)and M O T O K O will be on youtube soon!!!!! woohoo. for now, check out my 'crudetube' page:

CRUDE - crudepod 06-08
for the sake of simplicity, convenience, symmetry with current trends Crude has compiled a
mp3 data disc that features the booty and blood from the albums
fumes(2006), slurries vols 1 annd 2 (2007), podcast ep (2006), dopamine 20 (2006),
kenji siratori and crude 'alien extermination' (2007) and syringe insekt(2008)!
all 128 kbps mp3s -----------------------------------------------
all encrusted onto a cd!!!! And to you sir, that'll be $50.

Worth. Value. Goods and Services. Self-esteem. Merchantilism. Zakat. Social Policy. John Key. Alchemy. Chicken. Ducking.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Port Chalmers is where it's at - again. It's almost - no, it IS exciting - there's an exciting new scene there - led and fed through the existence of that one pub - CHICKS. Last Saturday was yet another soiree. And WHAT a soiree. First up, the illustrious Toki Wilson, all wired-up and armed with colourful plastic sound toy machinery, rarotongan militant psychedelic hip-hop southern side and the harsh realities of Stafford street art-skool old-skool. Subtle, to the point of evil, Toki's Otepoti underground project, now in it's solo form, set the standard of the evening - an electronic rat-a-tat-tat.
His rhyme slick, his stage presence diminuitive yet simmering, cool incarnate.
Having coerced a friend to lend me $20 now i could truly participate in the evening. MotherEarth was act number two - Joan George on Bass, Robbie Yeats Drums and Chicks owner Hector Hazard on Guitar. This was a power-trio - violent spasms of bass flicker, like scratching Kim Gordon's eyes out, lee Renaldo at-gun-point ---- teaching sonic youth an important lesson, primordial violent slam-slam-slam. The sound like an artfully coaxed yet mismanaged war-effort. Knives and nuns. The ethyl propulsion of our divine drunken-philosopher yeats.The ancestral grin of motherearth on speed/bass/noise. 10 out of 10.
Iso 12, dunedins most dedicated electro artist was next with sytnh back up by myself (crude). Sophistry. Gadgetry. Years of refinement and ferment. Subtle brit pop/ darkwave lyric layered upon home-spun lectro beet/ minimal-tik haus-louse keys. Dance. Specialist music - embracing the one and not letting go. Top marks. Top marks. Top marks. Arm marks. Sharks. Weather. Blood. Iso 12.
But wait.....theres more. The coolest band in New Zealand. The Autoharpies. No exception. Dark brooding post-punk on ether. Sinister synthetic lines of heavily cut coacaine/sound. Super cool girls all statuesque. A drummer unrelenting and super-smooth; evil femme-beat-plastique. A steamy rifferama, subtle like a plasma. Arrogant in its utter coolness, but like as if they give a fuck. Zombiefied melodies atop dual synth/guitar raunch/paunch. A laser - a phaser. A high school blazer.
That alchemic binding together of event and sense that that top-shelf liquor can-do. Jager shots. Punch in the face. Toilet time. A lemon rind.

Friday, September 19, 2008


3 new songs for the " L'archivio dei lavori ultimati da Matt Middleton.....

i'm a man - nu minimal percussion skinny puppy foetus maddening drunk flop

eternalize yourself - mantrfication of post-humous furies experiment

hey hey commando - lite executive blister pack point-of-sale black industrial popper

---off to a gig tonight at Chicks ,,,,,it's thee Autoharpies, Iso12, motherearth and the infamous cult group The otepoti underground. Alright - shall review if able. Thanks alot.TAGS: winston Peters. Populism, charisma, attack politic.

(me holding the cd cover for the album 'slurries volume 2')

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

crude supportin' the lucky dragons!

--from LA ,,the lucky dragons are currently touring the nether-regions and when they hit dunedin Crude'll be supportin' (oh yeah, its the backstage september 28

..check out their myspace page:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

----the infamous crude linkbank


insanity we trust

ronald mallet

valter longo

ultra-cold atoms at otago university

very fascinating doco

free film index

more documentaries

'the corporation' pt 1

'the corporation' pt 2

iraq for sale (doco)


the century of the self - bbc doco

'Sayz Me' great text-to-speech freeware

on conservatism

the new zealand experiment (1984-1999)

vienna actionist films

Scoop Magazine NZ media

Nuclear News

e-book link mill

uk essay on 'workfare'

critiques of libertarianism

us presidential election 2008

edward bernays

thesis on australian 'work for dole' experience


20% of your Final Course Grade

Future Studies

te papa (a critique)

The Revolution of Everyday Life - Raoul Vaneigem

CrimeThink for Beginners

Venture Philanthropy

labelling theory

World Stockmarkets

The Abolition of Work

Bob Black Portfolio


Supression of Dissent



Voice of the Shuttle

Art Film Directors


centre for cognitive liberty

uk unemployment rights out-fit

Science Glossaries

an untold amount of reading

nz politics resources


20 things you should know about corporate crime



Beat Generation Resources

Marxist Literature

Contemporary Art Resource

Mental Health online prognosis

Shame, Welfare Reform, and "High Stakes" Student Testing

who are the REAL bludgers, mate?

Against Intellectual Property




Astrobiology Magazine

C theory

Classic Typewriters

Polar News

Russian Literature Resources


'Anti' Sites


Cut-Up machine

'stumble upon'


Dealing with Psychic Vampires

Encyclopaedia of Fantastic Film and Television

essay on Internet and Proximity

Future Past

Magazine Art

Movie Scripts

Neurosciences Online

Poster Art


Movie Posters


Space/Time engineering

Time Links

Pharmaceutical Companies

Nanotech Companies


Mars Daily

future tech links

International Association for the Study of Pain

The time on Mars

The Hedonistic Imperative

Manifesto of the Communist Party

Plausible Futures

Art Deco

fascist Italy

fascist italy 2

communist Italy

drug activism

Top 500 Supercomuter Sites



Yahoo Finance


Tall Poppy Syndrome


NZ Legislation

NZ Culture


Baby Boomers 1

Baby Boomers 2



Telecom NZ


World Species Lists

Wearable Computers

Work Ethic History


The Omen



Cult Index

Astrobiology 1



Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch 2

Ambrose Bierce Devils Dictionary

Welfare/Workfare Links

the works of Keith Rankin

Social Security organisations Worldwide

International Social Security Organisation

Universal Income Trust of Aotearoa

audio - interview with Universal Income Trust of Aotearoa

Social Security

Readings on Basic Income

US Basic Guarantee Page

Basic Income Guarantee Australia

Introduction to Social Policy

Corporate Governance 1

Corporate Governance 2

Corporate Governance 3

Corporate Governance 4

International Labour Organization

11 inherent rules of corporate behaviour

Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery

Brain Drain Essay

Green Library - Work and Welfare

UFOs Caught on Video Camera

Space Tourism Outfit

Swallow this

alien interview video

The Time Travel Fund ha ha ha haaaa

Leftist Parties of the World

SPUNK library

The Story of John Titor

Online Books [huge collection]

Bauhaus Archiv

ScienceWeek -Science News


corporate crime reporter

brain/mind lecture 1


wow. check out the Autoharpies myspace page. Fukkn great shit , mannn. \

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

post LHC

david kilgour gave me this real dirty, mocking sorta look. the mental illness might be flaring up.
hey new zealand - go vote national. yeah go on. Fukkin um,yeah - vote National. It'll be really good for the mentally ill. Vote for National - vote for the health of the mentally ill. Yeah .

Monday, September 1, 2008

" L'archivio dei lavori ultimati da Matt Middleton per l'ANNUNCIO 2008 di anno" ------tracks so far this year

The work for this dvd is coming along just NICE! So there'll be plenty of songs, lots of scans of stupid drawings and photos and what else, oh yeah a written section and maybe a vid. All on one dvd. For yr records, here are the song titles so far::

.fr - scathe/soap loop
aerosoll - aero drone done
alone by the fire - cave on casio
another one bites the dust - queer chunks
beast inception - blue/black synth
blackened deadened keys - blackened hypnosiss
breath - zennist lung
bula droiv - concrete licourice stik
cirrus - hydrosphere whispies
codex - crackle maths
crack - throat glitch
crude hell bent remix - metal storms
da grind - sabbath on synth on static
deep field - heavy wind research
devil racerr - synth motors
dopamine flutter - urban fields
for i have nothing - bank account readings
ghz ghz - lite tek
homage to gg allin - nihil loops
hulan tipall - ritual wind
hull, lackey, braggard - word crimes
huul dax - sax cone
ugly competition - computer chant
know - voice piss
leary - found sounds . ripp offs
miss this - isolated loop
no - voice exercises
nort juss - clarinet
nothing - computer secrets/lies
o - nerd-tekker
on an industrial scale - apokalyptikon
puru liir - glide sax
seal - groan drone
seething ugly - ambition
shine on - crystal
shooter - click spatter
sikh solace - mantra mange
slov kuum - concrete cull
spliced swinger - looop'n'roll
syringes and insects - crystalline hump
tallow - blip gristle
tape droner 1 and 2 - swiss chard
the sea, the blood - lake eerie
the tone, the charm - uplifted
transcauscaus drone warlord - memories of welly
tuff in da valley - bogan anthem (whispered)
tulak nozoth - sacred arts, the
vortexx - residents, the
zhuang zi - historical reference