Sunday, August 17, 2008

the night the music fried: refuel saturday.

It's monday morning! And i got a job!! Its my calling ! Full time blogger! weekend madman, weekday gonzo! Put the coffee on! Go get me a pastry! Lets talk 'culture'!

.....You can't call it Dunedin music, for it isn't Dunedin music. It is global music made by people who are based, for now, in Dunedin. To lump these acts in with 'dunedin''s current over-extended list of rag-tag rugger-bugger student flat bands would do them an injustice. These people operate from Dunedin only, and their craft radiates outward, via the net, and geraldine vinyl, everywhere on earth.

This is the great divide between our local acts: on one hand:'s an active dunedin band who have a high profile on dunedin etc.. you hear about them Dunedin. All the time. Like, they must be doing so well. But go to Helsinki, or Berkley, or even fukkn Auckland, and it would be like 'who...? excuse me....who..?' ...on the other hand - the bands/acts that play rarely, well, if they do(as admittedly some are very active)their performances are not ardently advertised or noticed,,have several records out,,many networks,,,but you like RARELY hear about them, they aren't discussed in Dunedin so much, like, they don't even exist..or they may as well not ..but then you go to like Melbourne or Boston or Brussels and yeah,,they're known alright! And respected. And often have record deals there. What gives? Oh well. Nevermind.

The bands on Saturday were of the latter variety.
\It was a real cold night and the mere fact people came to the gig was an indication there was some pull to these bands. due to health issues, Les Revelations De Seriuses
withdrew,,,,strange cause someone close to the band told me they were playing at Arc that night..maybe just a misunderstanding. I look forward to hearing them!
I'll save the SELF review till last eh...

WOLFSKULL. Shit. My god they ruled. And i had the best seat in the house,,,up on stage wit' them on the right-wing (your LEFT) lips wrapped around a nice taut mouthpiece. Wolfskull are the real deal - like the stumps they're an all-star out-fit; Duane Zarakov with his trademark groove - untouchable. Clayton Noone with his sad melody/dirty dirge. Iso 12 with his sweet voice, wierd, remote lyrics and his cosmo-centric Korg. Sean Norling with his bass from Mars and it's googol effects.(don't u just love googling names) They do/DID the heavy psyche thing like masters. A very....boy type of thing. It's a big ol' scene now in the Northern Hemisphere...the number of bands of the ilk sproutin' like the buds of spring,,it's pot music par excellence. I whacked out a little sax-a-ma-phoney for dem, worked ok I tink. Congratualtions wolfskull, take that shit to the bastards of the north me suggest.

DIRTROOM. Aliki Boufis, Alex McKinnon, Toki Wilson, Rachel Blackburn . - Mood music. Thats what I'd call it. No,,,,that would be an over-simplification. Dirtroom, made up of the remnants of Khomet, (two members, Jimmy Currin and
Ollie Van Der Lugt
are absentees..tich tich,,call thhe principal)are noise. At it's core is a primal expressionism. They tore and shred and rollicked and banged and fed-back a million times over and, as a musician myself, I just knew they'd be feeling good (endorphins surgin' ,dopaminergic reward mechanisms all firing..u know the score)..after that show. Always a joy - the individuals of Dirtroom are all resident at the None Gallery - each an artist in their own fact..they're all visual artists. Watch out for them - wherever u may be.

I played too. Ha. My god. what happened. I premiered a few numbers off the 'l'archivio' dvd..'hull, lackey, braggard'...'beast inception' (yeah that trax online),,'ugly competition' ,,,my remix of 'hell bent for leather' ...and ad libbed a new song,,,'J is for Jesus'...the evening's show will be included on the December DVD!!!!!! As is typical, I....I....entertained.

The show was a release party. dirtroom's track waz: 'homeless bodies' , Wofskull's ..'whole lotta ghaza'. Released on root don lonie. To order, well, either go thru the root myspace or email Mr Noone:

.....and so : to conclude, for on reading this blog it's brevity was very was a GREAT NIGHT. I could use better referencing, more adjectives, i could talk history or speculate on future careerist timelines but u know,,,it was a GREAT NIGHT and a great SOCIAL OCCASION. To get certain elusive types together,,,just get WOLFSKULL to do a stint. with um, with Stevce McCabe. And King Loser.
PS - Dunedin's Lord Byron Gavin Shaw is on myspace. Check it!

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rocko said...

ere a FUCKING LEGEND on saturday.

i shall now walk around humming "J is for Jesus - Fuck him in the ass" for the remainder of the week. Nice slinky Persio sax lines too. Fuckin holla homeboy!