Friday, August 8, 2008


Watched a great film today, A Singaporian effort, '15', a raw, at times very abstract film following the lives of various disaffected youth from the island/city state. I recommend it.
Tharrrs another gig brewin' in the air here in funsville Wyoming, and as the vultures circle o'erhead we prepare our speeches: 'kill me now, kill me quick, arsenic on a carrot tied to a stick'..Who's it dis time badger? well well, 'tis the best doomological scholar-band of the big mainland/canoe 'wolfskull'....if yr an avid online buyer i suggest you puruse their discography..and the magnetotronic combobulations of Dirtroom....this be an disc release party,....!!!!..I'll be playin with a lil' lektronic/saxophonic set (which will be recorded and added to my december release compendium... and Les Revalations also perform. Hurrah!!!!

aesthetics news.
Our old out-of-date blog, the one left on the un-altered aesthetics blog page offa is, well, ironically, it's core clippit, that 'we are back to a three-piece again' is , well, the case once more. Our new bass player left the band on amicable and rational terms, and so, us old c**ts shall keep flying the fart-flag for a bit. The album, that old memetic/crumb of data, is yet to be completed, but it will be, in the main recorded at my new studio, henceforth known as 'river-bank rooms' up in north east valley. 'Ugly Ambition' will see the light. And there's good new for you aesthetics fans...all 20 of you...I'm finally awaiting the remaing 'OFF' cds from the states!! soon at all gigs we'll have plenty of copies of this beautiful nugget/album, all on a REAL CD! all who listen to the record get a chaffing initially, but after a few listens are taken in by it's deep subtelty. It is a great album, an overlooked, un-adorned, un-recognized piece of cultural history that sits in the strangest record collections. The mission to furnish oneself with a copy shall be simplified in a month. Or so.

world news.
Has anyone read the Hadith? Those were brutal times weren't they. The bloody Olympics. Beijing 2008. What happens when it's all over? Who'll win the US presidential election? Jesus? Or Jesus? Here's a good web-page --Too Much magazine.
The eight pipes were extended from the Al-Zarqan nuclear facility eight months agomorfix Life Sciences, a company focused on treatments and diagnostics for brain wasting diseases, today announced its operational and financial results for the three months ended June 30, 2008 Although a seemingly simple piece of technology in comparison with the complexity of the detectors, the beampipe is a carefully designed and essential part of both the experiments and the LHC.That fucking band. Damn record companies.

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Hi! This post on the Olympics is great – thanks. Did you know you can grab live images from - Check it out!