Monday, August 25, 2008

c h i c k s

Chicks, in Port Chalmers, run by Hector Hazard, is the new IT BAR!! (as in 'it', not information technology).
And in a gratuitous splurge 3 bands, The Aesthetics, Alpha State AND, yes...Michael Morley and Robbie Yeats ,,,two beautiful thirds of the Dead C performed there last a party type thing held for soon-to-return-to-dunedin Leila George.
Alpha State were what they were what they were. It was great. Port Chalmers style racketeer-pop post-jangle hearts all felt-up.
Morley/Yeats transmuted guitar magnet t' gold with their soup-brand devil-dirge downward-slide with hard-whack on th'snare beatery.
The Aesthetics went all Contortionsesque (more sax than geetar)- me loosing most of me inhibitions, dancing in ritual circlez and offering up my sax-as-vomit-portal for da audience right in yr face-like. Well wheat bleat bleato-blotto.

What a fab venue. All the trimmings. All the piss flowing. Chairs and fukking tables. Portholes and Kitchery Bitchery Dock. The mouse ran up my choc. Art in the Art space. Thee right people, the right aroma. Colour, not black and white. All the fukin shades of grey. Were you there? ...Theres more this weekend! Eye (gods walk among us!), Dirtroom (scream bloody murder))and Kahu (quietist loud crank)perform!!!!!

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