Sunday, August 31, 2008

the aesthetics - 'ugly ambition' - it's awwwnnnnn!

It is done! The album is finally....finally UNDERWAY!!! woooohhhoooo! Track One 'Devon' is DOWN and done and on stinking, putrid, rocked and rolled digital byte-bastardized audacity trackery!!!!complete with freshly captured bad-domestic-vibes! It's a track that embraces our new dirty scum-blackened death-punk drawl...compleat wif remote scandanavian minor chords, fuzz box and zildjian waves'n'rushes. This baby oughta be out by DECEMBER '08. so it can be released along with :: the Crude data dvd archive 'La Archivio Dei Lavori...' and the re-issue of Crude's Sax Sothis...and the reissue of the aesthetics CLASSIC album 'OFF'!!!!

crude news::: thats right ...there will be a 'sax sothis' re-release in december!!!

And ne
w fresh 'Off' Cds will be arriving in New Zealand soon!!!

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