Sunday, August 31, 2008

the aesthetics - 'ugly ambition' - it's awwwnnnnn!

It is done! The album is finally....finally UNDERWAY!!! woooohhhoooo! Track One 'Devon' is DOWN and done and on stinking, putrid, rocked and rolled digital byte-bastardized audacity trackery!!!!complete with freshly captured bad-domestic-vibes! It's a track that embraces our new dirty scum-blackened death-punk drawl...compleat wif remote scandanavian minor chords, fuzz box and zildjian waves'n'rushes. This baby oughta be out by DECEMBER '08. so it can be released along with :: the Crude data dvd archive 'La Archivio Dei Lavori...' and the re-issue of Crude's Sax Sothis...and the reissue of the aesthetics CLASSIC album 'OFF'!!!!

crude news::: thats right ...there will be a 'sax sothis' re-release in december!!!

And ne
w fresh 'Off' Cds will be arriving in New Zealand soon!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

c h i c k s

Chicks, in Port Chalmers, run by Hector Hazard, is the new IT BAR!! (as in 'it', not information technology).
And in a gratuitous splurge 3 bands, The Aesthetics, Alpha State AND, yes...Michael Morley and Robbie Yeats ,,,two beautiful thirds of the Dead C performed there last a party type thing held for soon-to-return-to-dunedin Leila George.
Alpha State were what they were what they were. It was great. Port Chalmers style racketeer-pop post-jangle hearts all felt-up.
Morley/Yeats transmuted guitar magnet t' gold with their soup-brand devil-dirge downward-slide with hard-whack on th'snare beatery.
The Aesthetics went all Contortionsesque (more sax than geetar)- me loosing most of me inhibitions, dancing in ritual circlez and offering up my sax-as-vomit-portal for da audience right in yr face-like. Well wheat bleat bleato-blotto.

What a fab venue. All the trimmings. All the piss flowing. Chairs and fukking tables. Portholes and Kitchery Bitchery Dock. The mouse ran up my choc. Art in the Art space. Thee right people, the right aroma. Colour, not black and white. All the fukin shades of grey. Were you there? ...Theres more this weekend! Eye (gods walk among us!), Dirtroom (scream bloody murder))and Kahu (quietist loud crank)perform!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

the night the music fried: refuel saturday.

It's monday morning! And i got a job!! Its my calling ! Full time blogger! weekend madman, weekday gonzo! Put the coffee on! Go get me a pastry! Lets talk 'culture'!

.....You can't call it Dunedin music, for it isn't Dunedin music. It is global music made by people who are based, for now, in Dunedin. To lump these acts in with 'dunedin''s current over-extended list of rag-tag rugger-bugger student flat bands would do them an injustice. These people operate from Dunedin only, and their craft radiates outward, via the net, and geraldine vinyl, everywhere on earth.

This is the great divide between our local acts: on one hand:'s an active dunedin band who have a high profile on dunedin etc.. you hear about them Dunedin. All the time. Like, they must be doing so well. But go to Helsinki, or Berkley, or even fukkn Auckland, and it would be like 'who...? excuse me....who..?' ...on the other hand - the bands/acts that play rarely, well, if they do(as admittedly some are very active)their performances are not ardently advertised or noticed,,have several records out,,many networks,,,but you like RARELY hear about them, they aren't discussed in Dunedin so much, like, they don't even exist..or they may as well not ..but then you go to like Melbourne or Boston or Brussels and yeah,,they're known alright! And respected. And often have record deals there. What gives? Oh well. Nevermind.

The bands on Saturday were of the latter variety.
\It was a real cold night and the mere fact people came to the gig was an indication there was some pull to these bands. due to health issues, Les Revelations De Seriuses
withdrew,,,,strange cause someone close to the band told me they were playing at Arc that night..maybe just a misunderstanding. I look forward to hearing them!
I'll save the SELF review till last eh...

WOLFSKULL. Shit. My god they ruled. And i had the best seat in the house,,,up on stage wit' them on the right-wing (your LEFT) lips wrapped around a nice taut mouthpiece. Wolfskull are the real deal - like the stumps they're an all-star out-fit; Duane Zarakov with his trademark groove - untouchable. Clayton Noone with his sad melody/dirty dirge. Iso 12 with his sweet voice, wierd, remote lyrics and his cosmo-centric Korg. Sean Norling with his bass from Mars and it's googol effects.(don't u just love googling names) They do/DID the heavy psyche thing like masters. A very....boy type of thing. It's a big ol' scene now in the Northern Hemisphere...the number of bands of the ilk sproutin' like the buds of spring,,it's pot music par excellence. I whacked out a little sax-a-ma-phoney for dem, worked ok I tink. Congratualtions wolfskull, take that shit to the bastards of the north me suggest.

DIRTROOM. Aliki Boufis, Alex McKinnon, Toki Wilson, Rachel Blackburn . - Mood music. Thats what I'd call it. No,,,,that would be an over-simplification. Dirtroom, made up of the remnants of Khomet, (two members, Jimmy Currin and
Ollie Van Der Lugt
are absentees..tich tich,,call thhe principal)are noise. At it's core is a primal expressionism. They tore and shred and rollicked and banged and fed-back a million times over and, as a musician myself, I just knew they'd be feeling good (endorphins surgin' ,dopaminergic reward mechanisms all firing..u know the score)..after that show. Always a joy - the individuals of Dirtroom are all resident at the None Gallery - each an artist in their own fact..they're all visual artists. Watch out for them - wherever u may be.

I played too. Ha. My god. what happened. I premiered a few numbers off the 'l'archivio' dvd..'hull, lackey, braggard'...'beast inception' (yeah that trax online),,'ugly competition' ,,,my remix of 'hell bent for leather' ...and ad libbed a new song,,,'J is for Jesus'...the evening's show will be included on the December DVD!!!!!! As is typical, I....I....entertained.

The show was a release party. dirtroom's track waz: 'homeless bodies' , Wofskull's ..'whole lotta ghaza'. Released on root don lonie. To order, well, either go thru the root myspace or email Mr Noone:

.....and so : to conclude, for on reading this blog it's brevity was very was a GREAT NIGHT. I could use better referencing, more adjectives, i could talk history or speculate on future careerist timelines but u know,,,it was a GREAT NIGHT and a great SOCIAL OCCASION. To get certain elusive types together,,,just get WOLFSKULL to do a stint. with um, with Stevce McCabe. And King Loser.
PS - Dunedin's Lord Byron Gavin Shaw is on myspace. Check it!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

madmen: on stage and being very, very strange on the gig at refuel....coming tomorrow!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Watched a great film today, A Singaporian effort, '15', a raw, at times very abstract film following the lives of various disaffected youth from the island/city state. I recommend it.
Tharrrs another gig brewin' in the air here in funsville Wyoming, and as the vultures circle o'erhead we prepare our speeches: 'kill me now, kill me quick, arsenic on a carrot tied to a stick'..Who's it dis time badger? well well, 'tis the best doomological scholar-band of the big mainland/canoe 'wolfskull'....if yr an avid online buyer i suggest you puruse their discography..and the magnetotronic combobulations of Dirtroom....this be an disc release party,....!!!!..I'll be playin with a lil' lektronic/saxophonic set (which will be recorded and added to my december release compendium... and Les Revalations also perform. Hurrah!!!!

aesthetics news.
Our old out-of-date blog, the one left on the un-altered aesthetics blog page offa is, well, ironically, it's core clippit, that 'we are back to a three-piece again' is , well, the case once more. Our new bass player left the band on amicable and rational terms, and so, us old c**ts shall keep flying the fart-flag for a bit. The album, that old memetic/crumb of data, is yet to be completed, but it will be, in the main recorded at my new studio, henceforth known as 'river-bank rooms' up in north east valley. 'Ugly Ambition' will see the light. And there's good new for you aesthetics fans...all 20 of you...I'm finally awaiting the remaing 'OFF' cds from the states!! soon at all gigs we'll have plenty of copies of this beautiful nugget/album, all on a REAL CD! all who listen to the record get a chaffing initially, but after a few listens are taken in by it's deep subtelty. It is a great album, an overlooked, un-adorned, un-recognized piece of cultural history that sits in the strangest record collections. The mission to furnish oneself with a copy shall be simplified in a month. Or so.

world news.
Has anyone read the Hadith? Those were brutal times weren't they. The bloody Olympics. Beijing 2008. What happens when it's all over? Who'll win the US presidential election? Jesus? Or Jesus? Here's a good web-page --Too Much magazine.
The eight pipes were extended from the Al-Zarqan nuclear facility eight months agomorfix Life Sciences, a company focused on treatments and diagnostics for brain wasting diseases, today announced its operational and financial results for the three months ended June 30, 2008 Although a seemingly simple piece of technology in comparison with the complexity of the detectors, the beampipe is a carefully designed and essential part of both the experiments and the LHC.That fucking band. Damn record companies.