Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wellinton diary 01

Back to dirty old Wellington. Where the beards grow and are well kept. Where the streets are paved. Where Lange lays. Where the user-pays. Where you're a 'Dick' all day.
The Crude industries event last evening was a fairly claustrophobic affair, well, for me it was, but art prevailed! Sax chortled and wailed, amps coughed and spluttered, half knowing half smiles were exchanged, merchandise was displayed and discussed, units were pushed.
Don't let Spacething's size fool you - for at it's core is a big heart and a chamber of beautiful D.I.Y artefacts. Performance at Spacething necessitates a casting-off of the artists ego: her boundaries - the audience is integrated into the performance. It is a direct and brutal interchange : a removal of the mask : a challenge - with a great reward. I feel an odd sense of gained merit today.
Tomorrow is the big game::::A bunch of bands playin' Happy, Wellington's Tonic. Or Cakeshop. Probably more Cakeshop. There's Newtown, a very angry band indeed. Theres the Stumps, an all-star out-fit featuring the talents of Antony Milton (Black Boned Angel, A.M etc), Stephen Clover (Seht) and James Kirk (formerly Sandoz lab technicians) . Panda Battle Battle Panda also perform. And I expect they are a ball.
And of c ourse, The Aesthetics. Much anticipated, everything riding on this one gig, they better-be-good-or-i'm-taking-my-shares-outta-pfizer type thing or some shit.
So cock-a-doodle doo lets drink ourselves to death and track down John Key@!!!!!!!


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