Monday, June 16, 2008

ragguaglio !!!!!!!!

The Aesthetics are playing in Wellington Friday July 25th at Happy with Panda Battle Battle Panda, Newtown and the Stumps!!!!
should be the gig of the year!!

Crude will also be playing an instore at Beth Dawsons Spacething shoppe (date yet to be confirmed...) .this will also be a forum for capital city based music consumers to get their hands on some physical crude discs ::: for instance: Slurries parts 1,2 and 3, Dopamine 20 data cd, Wretched 5 data cd, CrudeComplete dvd, La Chaleur Basse di Fidelte vol 1 and 2,
The Gel, The Mine, Fumes, Syringe/Insekt,
The Aesthetics Off, and The artless intent back-catalogue featuring work by cpu group, 5454 (aliki boufis), palace, and Kenji Siratori/Crude!
Crude will also be attending the Happy open mic night on wednesday the 23rd July

PS ---- The Aesthetics are to perform at the media club, christchurch city, on SATURDAY THE 21st of June with rockers Palace of Wisdom and the Lo-Liners !

and if yr in dunedin , go to refuel pint night wednesday the 18th (tmoro) to see The Aesthetics and local electro-guy Sonic Smith!!! free entry! cheap beer!

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