Thursday, June 19, 2008

phenomenonenon : part i

Oh i love flicking through the virtual pages of the net and fishin' up some good ole' crude mp3 action. Take THIS for example - basically another online album; streamable, downloadable, and juicy. Yes - it's true, I'm a smug lil' fan of my own work. I'm my own muse. I concoct musics that satisfy my own aesthetic yearnings. God forbid: I listen to my own music. And i don't care. Here in beautiful Kiwiland, it' so easy to earn the label of wanker. And so what. I mean really..
\what has been happening..well, I's offa 2 christchuch city for the weekend, to provide an entertainment alternative to the international rugby match and it's resultant vomit/blood/urine hued psycho-social ganglia.....goddamn we all better watch our asses that nite!!
what else........oh, here we are - a quick review of the Aesthetics/sonic smith gig at refuel :::: i sorta felt combining the
fatboy slimming of meister smyth with the flipperama of aesthetics was just too sociologically polarising. His thing attracts x type of people, our thing attracts y type of people, and some of them dislike each other. Perhaps that is why a friend of mine sneered at me so.. Oh well - perhaps she would like to become our fuckin manager. But anyways - the highlight of Sonic's set was his housey tounge/cheek remix of the Beverly Hills 90210 theme. Top marks, mr man!
The aesthetics , (ooh, that's me! reviewing myself now! you wanker)were loud and messy-but-tight - brilliant performance by the engine room (the drums of mr. malcolm deans, the bassological infusions of Mr Alex McKinnon), and stunning klang/jang/kerrang of Mr jason Barrett. I was fairly soused (no! really? you mean...for a change??)and greatly offended the ghost of albert ayler with my miserable attempts at saxophone virtuosity BUT - i KILLED the synth man!!! WE ROCKED IT!!! AND WE'LL BE EVEN BETTER IN CHRISTCHURCH!!!! YAYY!!!!!
FOR NOW-------

PS - this is my best friend on earth : DAN TAIT (aka chip anal)I love his writing man, he has dyslexia and hence a sorta on-the-surface naievity which betrays his piercing critical sensibility. Jagged, de-consructed stream-o-conciousness shit, a delight to read...real cool style. i reckon.

PPS - check out THIS site.


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