Monday, June 23, 2008

causal nexus - chch gig - wembly stadium

Back back back and back again from the end of the week! Another one! And this time, the cruddy-aesthetic mechanism did it's thing in Christchurch city! AGAIN! Watch out Christchurch ......this may even happen....AGAIN!

I now consider semi-regular performance in Christchurch a very viable option - travel there a mere commute to work. In New Zealand's South Island, there are three 'major' cities - the largest being Christchurch (henceforth 'chch'), the other my base ov operatics, Dunedin, and lastly Invercargill, the torpid sprawl i was born/raised in and most recently the epicentre of Mongrel Mob/Road Knight tuppaware parties/tensions. Town-like centres very close to city status are Timaru, approx 2hrs south of chch, and Nelson - at the top of the SI. Slightly smaller - perhaps labelled 'larger towns' are Oamaru, with it's intriguing Penguin Club venue, Queenstown, all powdery'n'vulgar, and maybe Gore, with it's freshly incinerated country music hall. But sorry, Chch, Dunedin and Oamaru seem the most attractive. Yes Invercargill, I really did just said that.

But you know, as far as touring is concerned, my approach is the targeted hit...not a tour per se...but a weekend in one town, then home. Flights are the best ways to get to the Nth Island Cities. Hence the Crude/Aesthetics marketing/performance activities in late July. Bookmarking THIS site is essential for the assiduous south island rocker.

Ok, I digress. Blather. Filler. Here's another one of my 'micro-reviews'.....

Arrived after a shit drive. went to Chip Anals. watched queen, elton john, judas priest, guns'n'roses, genesis, ozzy osbourne and paul mccartney dvds. genesis were in a pastel suits, like 80s cops or coke dealers or something. Oh yeah - i watched a fleetwood mac live dvd - at their drugged-out height. paused shots of the drummers facial expressions for fun. fugacious fun. I know I know, naff sounding dvds but i was too out-of-it to care what they were and what you people would think of me if i said i enjoyed them. went to the venue. a big room hence a cold venue - but the staff seem to profer forth some sort of warmth towards me. i think they like me there. dave kahn of krkrkrk did the sound. i was anxious as shit. the lo-liners arrived. great people. and they kicked ass. reminded me a little of the renderers maybe..sorta ...but at the same time they were nothing like them. i applaud the lo-liners, solid, country/blues swamp rock with masterful drumming by rustle coveney, great vocals by Lisa Preston and Joanne Billesdon, relentless bass from Sharon Billeston.. then we played. our best gig in a while. my god we ruled (well maybe). bad bad bad. as in - bad=good. all those dvds payed off after-all,, thanks freddy, you great fag you.. palace of wisdom tied it all up with a wonderously grating no-nonsence garage rock performance.ballzy, straight down the middle garage from these legends. Mick Elborado was amazing to watch ,with his meaty bass and ox had us all facing the front, getting real They started with a handpicked selection of nz 60s nuggets (actually 80s it turns out!). Palace of wisdom has as much collective knowledge of this era of nz music as the new york public library has books...great show. One of many. A very hard working Chch institution is our ole' Palace.

ox threw an after party. i didn't go.(and i bet i missed a good one (typically good). i went home to watch more naff aor dvds. and i don't fucking care. i was intransigent about it.

The gig was recorded,,,,,and the best bits will be mixed into the upcoming aesthetics album 'ugly ambition' whcih will probably be released on the hardest tryer label 'artless intent' ...and there maybe phots of it coming up on watch out...

compare and contrast libertarianism.

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