Friday, May 2, 2008

new songs

Yes, just finished a new batch of work for the big december release (and its gonna have a booklet!!ooh! ooh gosh!). Yeah, the one with the rediculous title: L'archivio dei lavori ultimati da Matt Middleton per l'ANNUNCIO 2008 di anno....

the tracks:
'solace' - simple tone loop, all sounds extracted from voice. cute. or perhaps just cutesy.
'beast inception' - a highly stylized attempt at emulating the cult black metal pioneer band 'Von' using only synthesizers...
'nothing..' - oh yes, that old motif...this is a vocal structure gleaned from one of my dictation tapes..
'it's ugly's madmen' - again, a clever little composition assembled from samples taken from a 'manifesto' i dictated...
'the sea, the blood'.......similar to 'the tone, the charm', this is an attempt to submerge the listener in gallons of goopy-pus ridden reverb. with a real spacey sci-fi undercurrent. sea and space merge to make blood clots or something stupid like that.
well there you go. ooh i BET you're all really excited. ooh yeah. quivering. yeah. absolutely.

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