Saturday, May 24, 2008

the great rock music lie

Extremely active and fascinating couple of weeks for Crude. For the sake of the reader: I want to let you know that this blog will not only focus on Crude's activities but also that of The Aesthetics, my 'rock' band, and other peripheral aspects of 'life' as a 'musician': it's psychological, sociological, theological, indeed, it's epistemological aspects.
Yeah, whatever.
So anyway, whats been happening??

Item one this afternoon was the borderline ballroom gig amongst the anglo-fauna of Christchurch city last Wednesday the 21st. Goodness gracious, what a great evening. Was a delight to absorb self in the digi-soup of I-rory. Using crude objects of both home-made and exotic qualities, I-rory evoked the sound plethorae of Zoviet France.
Dj Stanier Black Five inserted rough electronics and strange bliperama into those between act breaks. And the guest DJ (who???)spun the wholly relevant back-log of Touch Records' (Philip Jeck's label) highlights..
I had prepared an arsenal of pre-recorded shite so as to select what suited the night best. Decided on a mix of psycho-lounge act/suicidist screamology to provide a juxtaposition to the monotheisticly non-vocal apparatus of the night.
And lo! It work'd lovely-like! Set ONE slab of glitchery on auto-pilot for a bit, popped off-stage for a whiskey and left the crowd panting! Then suddenly I pop back up for a rendition of 'Welcome to my Day', a piece with harsh electro beats and an almost split enz-ey melodic line. Well whoop-de-do.
Finished up quick, 'twas one of those infuriatingly brief Crude sets, well, according to one punter it was, I thought it was just nice at perhaps 30 mins.
Philip Jeck was on next, click the link for his biography: he's a legend. The audience, seated and attentive, was to bask in an array of masterfully coaxed samples and loops for a good 40-50 mins. There was a rare beauty to his chosen sounds: simplicity, delicate but forthright line, the texture of chamber music.

ITEM TWO : The Aesthetics. Our new bass player is Alex Mckinnon, perhaps best known for his experimental work. 'Tis working well. We performed at Dunedins vegan hot-spot Circadian Rhythm on Saturday the 24th, alongside new dunedin hardcore punk act Foe, the odd-ball gold-digger schtick of Wolfman, the dirty hyper-referentiality of The Creeps and the alround dumbness of The Anals. My god, do those Invercargill boys draw a crowd? What the hell is it???? My god we rocked it. Maybe the sound didn't work, it's yet another on-stage mix venue, maybe my vox were too loud but god we rocked it. For our first gig just hours after our first full band rehearsal 'twas a promising din. So paint my red and call me a twot.
The Aesthetics are now recording, new doom-laden works are in order, always with a glint of humour. Black pitch fuggin humour. The Aesthetics are hopefully rocking Christchurch on thee 21st of June and Wellington city sometime between 22nd - 26th of July. And no, we ain't playing the backstage. And no, no more zero dollar gigs. fuckers.

Ain't the world a screwy place. It makes me sick. Physicaly sick.

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