Saturday, May 10, 2008

a gig review

Went to a party last Saturday night. No, sorry, it was a Friday night. So whats the fricken diff, biff?? At the new Arc franchise. In this, this post-crown-venue dunedin, bands and bandidoes all scruff and puff play for a zircon encrusted crust where they can, mcMann. Arc, the 2 (not 1!) microphone venue is an option favoured by the hardcore stage-mix set, and by Jove, did the boys I saw do a good job with what they had! EYE: Peter Stapleton, Peter Porteous and Nathan Thompson proved themselves absolute MASTERS of the vortex with a set that sucked me down the gurgler of my mind's mindless mind. Pure quantum-gravity (amateurish mis-informed physics analogy for effect only)type sound acheived: the vortex - a daoist spinning effect, whirling magnetic guitar dervish zoetrope. A twister. Stunned and put in my humble place amongst such venerable sonic black-blood magic arts. A fine performance - EYE are failsafe brill-o pads.
Next was the NEU BLOOD. The northern lights. The boys from up north who came, swore and concured. Alex McKinnon, acolyte zealator of the free-noise brick-laying brotherhood and Lee Noyes. What a stunning din!! Lee Noyes played drums like a 50 ear old african american super-pro jazz legend! Absolutely blown the fug away bro!!! And Alex - he's an absolute free-noise super-star. X factor uber-alles. We mean it. And so do they. It's obvious - thety're aiming high : REAL high. (like i did once when i played that sax solo a refule in '98 where i 'changed form' when playing)
Oh - sorry, i missed wolfskull and the OZ group. Would comment if i could and I apologize profusely. Was too pissed, too drunk, too other-wise occupied. I ASSUME they were fascinating. Dingy. Bleak, but groov-orientated. next time folks.

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