Saturday, May 31, 2008

big business

A personal victory would be the ability to fund:

1.set up of a venue/club, a slick, professional, sophisticated, progressive, fully-lubricated, dj laden, coffee-roasting, crude worshipping one. A crude stocking chain of cafes/record stores.

2. release of the entire crude backcatalogue on thick black vinyl with super-professionally re-design sleeves then distributed world-wide through the coolest stores..

3. A media campaign to educate the majority of new zealanders to realize that the poor and the unemployed are actually utilized as a conduit for funelling capital directly BACK to the companies/ceos/wealthy fucks that call us (and use media to cultivate the meme that the poor are 'lazy')'bludgers'. Oh yes, we're contributing alright, you fucking fucks.

4. A $5,000,000 tv marketing campaign for the crude web-site, asia/pacifc region

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