Thursday, April 10, 2008

When I was Indie-Lo-Fi . . .

Back in the '90s Crude was primarily guitar-based. Crude was one of those bedroom 4 trackers, and the songs were these twisted ditties, lots of overdriven and poorly amplified guitars, naked clarinet through naked microphone, and excitable 20 something's pained 'n' panicked vocals. I whipped up some juicy tracks back then...'simon says', 'top of th pile', 'this town'...
those were the days. I get the feeling many Crude fans yearn for a return to that approach. Well, one guy did mention it today on myspace. It's hard to please everyone, innit. I'm exploring these bare-bones electronics at the mo', let it be known though - I always have my tounge firmly in cheek. That lo-fi ethic, that kiwi humour, it'll always permeate my recordings, academic or no.
I'm going to get down to some simple songs again though, soon. In fact, as we embark on the aesthetics next record, I'll be recording a guitar and vocals 4-track piece or two at home to contrast/complement the rock action in the studio. Why not. Ditties. Like 'whispering city' and 'reptilian agenda'. like 'hombre'.
As mentioned on the crude site, the recordings of that period are available in the form of Inner City Guitar Perspectives...and also, 'La Chaleur Basse de Fidelte, Vol 1 and Two'.

If you like that type of Crude stuff - seek out those who have the old cassettes. Thats the true old-skool Crude. tapes like, 'ebola roller', 'vagabond bagowind' , 'miscreants and materialists', 'the end of the world', and 'matthew middleton' etc etc ad nauseum.

And to the lo-fi purists, descent into what ever-the-hell it is i'm doing now was demanded of me by the ugly, wart encrusted foul breathed muse surgically attached to my frontal lobes.

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