Friday, April 18, 2008

the weekend : fragments/observations.

Oh the magic that is existence. We reach yet another weekend : time to reflect on the weeks activities, eh what? But first..
May, New Zealand's Music Month, is creeping up again : we wonder what colour scheme to ol' logo will utilize this time! The NZMM is an institution now, an annual assault of all things dave dobbyn. To the underground : RISE UP ! make yrself heard May 2008. Attack (no, not as in 'hack')and scribble over as many NZMM sites/forums as possible. The underground has made itself so much stronger and savvy with the onset on web 2.0, and the majors know it. The Crude mechanism ain't gonna back down either. And so I blog on.
This underground I talk about is a varied and crytalline super-structure. And still, i blog on. How 'bout that cruddy weather? The South Island has just received a wintery blast. You know, just enough to remind us where we are exactly, just north of Antarctica, that melting continent.
I digress in a large way. Please excuse me.
Relevant news:: Crude is to play the BorderLine Ballroom in may. May 21st to bwe exact. Check out the Crude myspace page for informations........

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