Sunday, April 20, 2008


I did it!!! It has been done! I have done it ! I have achieved it! I have made money and sent out an album completely mediated by the net! that is, they payed by paypal, they ordered an mp3 album, i sent it to them via sendspace! Yeeehaaa! We at Crude Digital-Accumulative Finance are fully happy! Hurrah ! The new model works!
Other news:::::MAY is the month that hypermodern is to release my collaboration with Kenji Siratori!!! Not long now, folks!

The Aesthetics have had some real home and away kinda stuff happening lately : will have to dedicate an entire blog to this one. please stay tuned for all the gossip!

Also, did y'all know Crude had a 'pop' album on Bebo?? Check it out - you need to just scroll down to the tracks and hit play all! a very catchy and compelling selection of songs, I believe.

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