Sunday, April 6, 2008

vomiting up arts and crafts :

And so ends another Wellington buskers Festiv..ah..Dunedin Fringe Festival. Or is it finished - yet..? no? Still more acts? Oh okay. Well, I'm done with it. And I breath an unashamed sigh of relief.
Crude activity for the fringe consisted of alot of typical synthesizer effluent : my typical click/cut set to hold, my beautiful home-crafted single reeded instrument (i think it's a unique design, it's a single tube, but a square tube - a crude single reeded thing - check out these various similar instruments) utilized for pseudo-arabica effect, the odd plonk on a xylophone for evokation of Coil..
oh what else - yeah a white crude tee for the whyt debarcle. (c?) (k?)
And now it's over it's time to get onto recording the new Aesthetics album, which will be an interesting endevour. Won't it just. Oh yes, yes it certainly will. Yep. Yes Sir E.
My project focus is cyclic, for a while i attend to all things crude, then, having adequately sickened myself , I morph to rock'n'roll mode. And it has at least 12 points of articulation.
Possible working titles for Aesthetics album: 'Ugly Ambition' , 'Interwaste', ...'United Video'..oh i don't know.

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