Wednesday, April 9, 2008

pete doherty - probably writing poetry in his cell

I'm obsessed with alot of things, one of them being Pete Doherty. I think this afflicts hundreds of people world-wide. He's simply magnetic - there's something about him - an x-factor, an anti-celebrity for sure...some say he's the last of the Rock and Roll romantics. I doubt that, there'll be more where he came from, scribbling poetry, finding wisdom in excess. I don't know, perhaps it's his big boyish brown eyes. Perhaps its the fact that he can score the good stuff. Maybe it's the girls he attracts. But anyway, he's in prison finally, where he'll be left alone by the papparazi for 14 weeks to knuckle down and write some new poems. Will he cope? Is he hooked on the junk or can he take it or leave it?

I'm at the stage now where i believe the 'palace of wisdom' is acheived not through excess, but temperance. I know, i know, call me a square. Excess lets you access certain peripheral aspects of wisdom, but not it's essence. Excess allows one to strip away psychic limitations, to analyse and critique the staus quo from a haughty distance. You can work through internal problems with a good binge. The ego is inflated until it bursts - and there, at that point, you have gone beyond the self to see the stars as they are. But - there's a limit to excess. To go further - one needs to restrict oneself. Quietism allows one to strip away psychic limitations, to analyse and critique the status quo from a humble distance.
You are not wasting your energy. You are storing it and converting it to wisdom. Don't get me wrong, excess is what Crude is all about, when i can afford it. But as I get older - quietism, the teachings of Zen and Daoism - this is the true palace of wisdom.

As for the musical activities of the moment ::: Crude is fermenting away, stored in a sealed hermetic vessel somehwere, maturing in vaults, working of its own accord. The Aesthetics are embarking on a new album, in fact our first recording session is loosely planned for this weekend...wish us luck..this idea with this new rekkid is to capture the essence of the line-up : an older slightly more laboured and conceptual rock band, cynical and filthy, a bit metal , a bit new wave - dirty, with a bass player who looks like a bass player, a rhythm guitaritst who looks like a rhythm guitarist.......

A recent find online was an old Aesthetics live vid from our Auckland days (2002) . The line from 'my right to riches' is the one playing, that is, Shaun Jury (bass), Stefan Neville pumice/armpit etc (drums) and me. I am told we looked like we were 'really famous' ,,,as if it was some vintage footage of some 80s post-punk band in their early days. ha ha!

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theorez07-12 said...

--it turns out Doherty has been reading the Quran in Jail. He has plenty of Muslim mates who've been pestering him to study it. I wonder how a hedonist like Pete would take to the tenets of Islam??