Sunday, April 27, 2008

.. a man's man.

The Aesthetics are now a trio (again), but will flesh out into a quartet very soon. The weekend saw a typically loose and pissed set from the three-piece...a flurry of sound evoking the nihilism of the Fall matched with the deliberately off guitar of Black Flag's Greg Gin perhaps...yes? no? doubt it? perhaps?
Yes, 'twas a party at None/Lot 24/Dive Distro, one of
those events, all in celebration of our bass player/second guitarist/vocalist Jason Barret. Cause it was his birthday. We love Jason, he's a real bonafide nihilist. A scum punk rock and roller. A romantic. A male witch. A lover. A fighter. A drinker.
happy birthday Jason Barret.
A cool night. The entertainment began with The Creeps, a youthfull band that played Misfits covers and shit,,then there was a new out-fit called 'Kunst' ..Aliki Boufis (5454,drums) , Toki (toys,noise-making devices, glee cartel, khomet)) and Alex McKinnon (guitar noise, house, fake piano, dream roll tapes). Very enjoyable din. Then I think murderbike (iso 12, rachel..?)did a stint, then the aesthetics + stalker performed, all the while new(ish) Dads Clayton Noone (armpit, fuck don lonie for cash label, cja, futurians) and Sean Norling (mandroid, dick the phone, futurians) waited patiently arms folded bleary eyed for Zarakov to arrive so as to assemble the doom wizards Wolfskull ...
But then , they played. And it was good. And then, the party atrophied into a grovely sorta jam session with people off the street abusing instruments (me) . Who else was there. The usual suspects. Blah Blah. Music. Dunedin. Network. Network some more. Motoko filmed it all. Thanks to Jason. Thanks to Iso for being Iso.

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