Thursday, April 3, 2008

crude - the gallery experience vs the pub experience

They are different aren't they.
The Gallery experience: (as a performer) - a modicum of poise is required, at all times, in some cases even while performing. You a usually encased in a white room, surrounded by various highly individualistic aesthetes comparing notes/making assessments etc. If it's an opening, there'll be booze. If it's a performance, there'll be booze up your sleeve.

Of course the pub - well, the typical feel is indifference at the soundcheck, the residue of beer, people getting messed up,...a different buzz eh what.

What am I saying??

Nothing really, Crude performed at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery last night, and tomorrow ill perform as part of the "Whyt' concept. With those crazy mr sterile guys. they do a weird jazz punk fusion thing. like i dunnow -a cross between the Contortions and any number of obscure 70s fusion out-fits. So suck on that you right-wing humanity-hating napoleonic complex bastards

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