Sunday, April 27, 2008

.. a man's man.

The Aesthetics are now a trio (again), but will flesh out into a quartet very soon. The weekend saw a typically loose and pissed set from the three-piece...a flurry of sound evoking the nihilism of the Fall matched with the deliberately off guitar of Black Flag's Greg Gin perhaps...yes? no? doubt it? perhaps?
Yes, 'twas a party at None/Lot 24/Dive Distro, one of
those events, all in celebration of our bass player/second guitarist/vocalist Jason Barret. Cause it was his birthday. We love Jason, he's a real bonafide nihilist. A scum punk rock and roller. A romantic. A male witch. A lover. A fighter. A drinker.
happy birthday Jason Barret.
A cool night. The entertainment began with The Creeps, a youthfull band that played Misfits covers and shit,,then there was a new out-fit called 'Kunst' ..Aliki Boufis (5454,drums) , Toki (toys,noise-making devices, glee cartel, khomet)) and Alex McKinnon (guitar noise, house, fake piano, dream roll tapes). Very enjoyable din. Then I think murderbike (iso 12, rachel..?)did a stint, then the aesthetics + stalker performed, all the while new(ish) Dads Clayton Noone (armpit, fuck don lonie for cash label, cja, futurians) and Sean Norling (mandroid, dick the phone, futurians) waited patiently arms folded bleary eyed for Zarakov to arrive so as to assemble the doom wizards Wolfskull ...
But then , they played. And it was good. And then, the party atrophied into a grovely sorta jam session with people off the street abusing instruments (me) . Who else was there. The usual suspects. Blah Blah. Music. Dunedin. Network. Network some more. Motoko filmed it all. Thanks to Jason. Thanks to Iso for being Iso.

Monday, April 21, 2008

the music blog phenomenon

Such delight! A victory for poor music lovers world-wide. Just look at this LIST :
Just downloaded the original soundtrack to that 70s animated cult classic 'the fantastic planet!'
download it:
couldn't help myself - it's just so cool!
thanks to the following music blog: TONTONMANHOOD

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I did it!!! It has been done! I have done it ! I have achieved it! I have made money and sent out an album completely mediated by the net! that is, they payed by paypal, they ordered an mp3 album, i sent it to them via sendspace! Yeeehaaa! We at Crude Digital-Accumulative Finance are fully happy! Hurrah ! The new model works!
Other news:::::MAY is the month that hypermodern is to release my collaboration with Kenji Siratori!!! Not long now, folks!

The Aesthetics have had some real home and away kinda stuff happening lately : will have to dedicate an entire blog to this one. please stay tuned for all the gossip!

Also, did y'all know Crude had a 'pop' album on Bebo?? Check it out - you need to just scroll down to the tracks and hit play all! a very catchy and compelling selection of songs, I believe.

Friday, April 18, 2008

the weekend : fragments/observations.

Oh the magic that is existence. We reach yet another weekend : time to reflect on the weeks activities, eh what? But first..
May, New Zealand's Music Month, is creeping up again : we wonder what colour scheme to ol' logo will utilize this time! The NZMM is an institution now, an annual assault of all things dave dobbyn. To the underground : RISE UP ! make yrself heard May 2008. Attack (no, not as in 'hack')and scribble over as many NZMM sites/forums as possible. The underground has made itself so much stronger and savvy with the onset on web 2.0, and the majors know it. The Crude mechanism ain't gonna back down either. And so I blog on.
This underground I talk about is a varied and crytalline super-structure. And still, i blog on. How 'bout that cruddy weather? The South Island has just received a wintery blast. You know, just enough to remind us where we are exactly, just north of Antarctica, that melting continent.
I digress in a large way. Please excuse me.
Relevant news:: Crude is to play the BorderLine Ballroom in may. May 21st to bwe exact. Check out the Crude myspace page for informations........

Monday, April 14, 2008

a trillion streams

Crude streamology. A 128kbps affair. Always. Don't let that put you off, oh audio purists: if you per chance purchase a Crude audio document, it hass all the quality of a wav file.
Crude streamology: detrimental? no! Unhealthy? hell no!

Not much to report. Still on spekaing terms with all first rate memeticists. Still eating well, prefer an east asian type of diet. Still crunching the cruddy numbers. Still workin' up a well earned sweat. Still got me fingers crossed. Jurisprudence. Logical Postivism. StarGate. Panspermia.

photo taken by alex mckinnon at an aesthetics show in 2007. more from this series can be viewed here.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

When I was Indie-Lo-Fi . . .

Back in the '90s Crude was primarily guitar-based. Crude was one of those bedroom 4 trackers, and the songs were these twisted ditties, lots of overdriven and poorly amplified guitars, naked clarinet through naked microphone, and excitable 20 something's pained 'n' panicked vocals. I whipped up some juicy tracks back then...'simon says', 'top of th pile', 'this town'...
those were the days. I get the feeling many Crude fans yearn for a return to that approach. Well, one guy did mention it today on myspace. It's hard to please everyone, innit. I'm exploring these bare-bones electronics at the mo', let it be known though - I always have my tounge firmly in cheek. That lo-fi ethic, that kiwi humour, it'll always permeate my recordings, academic or no.
I'm going to get down to some simple songs again though, soon. In fact, as we embark on the aesthetics next record, I'll be recording a guitar and vocals 4-track piece or two at home to contrast/complement the rock action in the studio. Why not. Ditties. Like 'whispering city' and 'reptilian agenda'. like 'hombre'.
As mentioned on the crude site, the recordings of that period are available in the form of Inner City Guitar Perspectives...and also, 'La Chaleur Basse de Fidelte, Vol 1 and Two'.

If you like that type of Crude stuff - seek out those who have the old cassettes. Thats the true old-skool Crude. tapes like, 'ebola roller', 'vagabond bagowind' , 'miscreants and materialists', 'the end of the world', and 'matthew middleton' etc etc ad nauseum.

And to the lo-fi purists, descent into what ever-the-hell it is i'm doing now was demanded of me by the ugly, wart encrusted foul breathed muse surgically attached to my frontal lobes.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

pete doherty - probably writing poetry in his cell

I'm obsessed with alot of things, one of them being Pete Doherty. I think this afflicts hundreds of people world-wide. He's simply magnetic - there's something about him - an x-factor, an anti-celebrity for sure...some say he's the last of the Rock and Roll romantics. I doubt that, there'll be more where he came from, scribbling poetry, finding wisdom in excess. I don't know, perhaps it's his big boyish brown eyes. Perhaps its the fact that he can score the good stuff. Maybe it's the girls he attracts. But anyway, he's in prison finally, where he'll be left alone by the papparazi for 14 weeks to knuckle down and write some new poems. Will he cope? Is he hooked on the junk or can he take it or leave it?

I'm at the stage now where i believe the 'palace of wisdom' is acheived not through excess, but temperance. I know, i know, call me a square. Excess lets you access certain peripheral aspects of wisdom, but not it's essence. Excess allows one to strip away psychic limitations, to analyse and critique the staus quo from a haughty distance. You can work through internal problems with a good binge. The ego is inflated until it bursts - and there, at that point, you have gone beyond the self to see the stars as they are. But - there's a limit to excess. To go further - one needs to restrict oneself. Quietism allows one to strip away psychic limitations, to analyse and critique the status quo from a humble distance.
You are not wasting your energy. You are storing it and converting it to wisdom. Don't get me wrong, excess is what Crude is all about, when i can afford it. But as I get older - quietism, the teachings of Zen and Daoism - this is the true palace of wisdom.

As for the musical activities of the moment ::: Crude is fermenting away, stored in a sealed hermetic vessel somehwere, maturing in vaults, working of its own accord. The Aesthetics are embarking on a new album, in fact our first recording session is loosely planned for this weekend...wish us luck..this idea with this new rekkid is to capture the essence of the line-up : an older slightly more laboured and conceptual rock band, cynical and filthy, a bit metal , a bit new wave - dirty, with a bass player who looks like a bass player, a rhythm guitaritst who looks like a rhythm guitarist.......

A recent find online was an old Aesthetics live vid from our Auckland days (2002) . The line from 'my right to riches' is the one playing, that is, Shaun Jury (bass), Stefan Neville pumice/armpit etc (drums) and me. I am told we looked like we were 'really famous' ,,,as if it was some vintage footage of some 80s post-punk band in their early days. ha ha!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

vomiting up arts and crafts :

And so ends another Wellington buskers Festiv..ah..Dunedin Fringe Festival. Or is it finished - yet..? no? Still more acts? Oh okay. Well, I'm done with it. And I breath an unashamed sigh of relief.
Crude activity for the fringe consisted of alot of typical synthesizer effluent : my typical click/cut set to hold, my beautiful home-crafted single reeded instrument (i think it's a unique design, it's a single tube, but a square tube - a crude single reeded thing - check out these various similar instruments) utilized for pseudo-arabica effect, the odd plonk on a xylophone for evokation of Coil..
oh what else - yeah a white crude tee for the whyt debarcle. (c?) (k?)
And now it's over it's time to get onto recording the new Aesthetics album, which will be an interesting endevour. Won't it just. Oh yes, yes it certainly will. Yep. Yes Sir E.
My project focus is cyclic, for a while i attend to all things crude, then, having adequately sickened myself , I morph to rock'n'roll mode. And it has at least 12 points of articulation.
Possible working titles for Aesthetics album: 'Ugly Ambition' , 'Interwaste', ...'United Video'..oh i don't know.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

crude - the gallery experience vs the pub experience

They are different aren't they.
The Gallery experience: (as a performer) - a modicum of poise is required, at all times, in some cases even while performing. You a usually encased in a white room, surrounded by various highly individualistic aesthetes comparing notes/making assessments etc. If it's an opening, there'll be booze. If it's a performance, there'll be booze up your sleeve.

Of course the pub - well, the typical feel is indifference at the soundcheck, the residue of beer, people getting messed up,...a different buzz eh what.

What am I saying??

Nothing really, Crude performed at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery last night, and tomorrow ill perform as part of the "Whyt' concept. With those crazy mr sterile guys. they do a weird jazz punk fusion thing. like i dunnow -a cross between the Contortions and any number of obscure 70s fusion out-fits. So suck on that you right-wing humanity-hating napoleonic complex bastards