Sunday, March 30, 2008

life/nine inch nails remix/life/living

photo from the borderline ballroom crude show by Claire Ranui
Life ...indeed. Thats which we cannot help but participate in. We do what we can with it, with our various abilities, our various traits. I am convinced we live 'forever' - wanna know why? Because when we die, all conciousness is eradicated..all conciousness of time is also gone. Therefore, our lifetime is our one and only experience of time. Therefore it is, in essence, all time. If one can subjectively render time as a cyclic, momentary 'suchness', surely, one could actually live what seems like an eternity. Thats what I think.

Enough orientalism for the morning....onto more tactile, more CRUDE business.......

Later this week I will be wailing and churning to a film as part of the dunedin fringe...thursday night at the dunedin pubic art gallery me thinks..

I couldn't help myself, in a fit of strategic self-non-self-promotion, I hooked up with the great Nine Inch Nails site and remixed a new track by Trent Reznor...have a listen!

Also,,,my project with Kenji Siratori is moving along nicely,,,May is the month for 'alien extermination's' release..check out the cover art
Some very nice Aesthetics photos by Dunedin's newest audio-genius Alex McKinnon can be viewed HERE
and so: thank you, so long, the chemical romance song says. teens man, they scare the living shit outta me. friggen fringes,,,yeah theres a fringe for ya. a real fringe. PS - come and listen to the Bebo CRUDE POP PARTY Album! I consider it to be the follow up to 'Inner City Guitar Perspectives'!

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