Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Crude marches on. And I've ditched the squelching biege vans for a pair of black and white sneakers. That do not squelch. They pop. I 'pop' around town. Today I shall take stock of recording progress this year - I shall list the new titles I've conjured up for the december release ...oh dear, the title,,,why oh why,,,L'archivio dei lavori ultimati da Matt Middleton per l'ANNUNCIO 2008 di anno...I shall henceforth refer to this data-laden platter as 'the december release' ..ps - the Italian, loosley translated is 'Archive of the best works by matt Middleton for the year 2008' or something. Very dry, but succinct.

new titles: (post syringe/insekt --which is the first 'folder' of the data dvd)

..a short eerie vocal treatment..
Another one Bites...of course - the famous Crude re-working of the Queen hit of 1980..cheeky.
Vortexx Rock '08 ...back to the classic crude 'spy/surf' sound of the datastream cowboy days perhaps..psy-op driving synth..snakefinger-style guitars embellishments..
Shine On ....blazing high pitched guitar fuzz and crystal , space 1999 sample mega-treated..
Puru Liir .. one of the bass recorder works..deep..deep...deconstructed. Gibberish language title..
Deep Field ..super tuned-down reverb drenched wind instrumental..
Hulan Tipal..more invented titles..is that quasi-Tibetan perhaps..? Another bass recorder work..
Huul Dax ..as above!
Blackened Deadened Keys..think Gorgoroth made entirely out of synthesizers...?
Tallow...a charming evil/cute pixelated mp3-crystalline piece..
Devil Racerr...dig the two 'rs' ..yeah man Po-Mo..this is that electronic-motorcycle sound you get from a juno 60 roland synth.....2 lanes...two drivers..a near over-dose and a naughty pitch bender..
Hell Bent remix....Judas priest cover...super treated,,super cut up...super nasty..downright rude ..
Alone by the Fire...creepy super-odd crude track wif vocals..wierd jazz rock treated electronics
Spliced Swinger .. an electro piece that swings..messed up...ugly even..
Nort Juss - BASS recorder--shawm...
Bula Droiv - bass recorder,,,sax,,
Tulak Nozoth ---u can check this one out HERE
Slov Kuum - bounty hunter from Tatooine...naah...another bass recorder work..
La Piano 222,333 and 444..piano experiments...
So , thats the december release thus far. before december..there should be an Aesthetics CD (r) out..a self-released effort ...an artfull attempt to capture the current 'good form' of the band..of course check out our myspace page...what else..my collab with Kenji Siratori should be properly released via under-underground label hypermodern inMay!! Check out our myspace page..
I am involved in a couple of Dunedin Fringe activities...get the info below....and ...of course..i trawled the net and located sites / stores which hold copies of my 'major' releases from the '90s - the classics as it were....inner City Guitar Perpex...refute a myth society et al...what eles...the sun is shining on Dunedin today!!! So keep out of it!!!!!
So anyway -- here's the latest catalogue as a pdf.

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