Sunday, March 30, 2008

life/nine inch nails remix/life/living

photo from the borderline ballroom crude show by Claire Ranui
Life ...indeed. Thats which we cannot help but participate in. We do what we can with it, with our various abilities, our various traits. I am convinced we live 'forever' - wanna know why? Because when we die, all conciousness is eradicated..all conciousness of time is also gone. Therefore, our lifetime is our one and only experience of time. Therefore it is, in essence, all time. If one can subjectively render time as a cyclic, momentary 'suchness', surely, one could actually live what seems like an eternity. Thats what I think.

Enough orientalism for the morning....onto more tactile, more CRUDE business.......

Later this week I will be wailing and churning to a film as part of the dunedin fringe...thursday night at the dunedin pubic art gallery me thinks..

I couldn't help myself, in a fit of strategic self-non-self-promotion, I hooked up with the great Nine Inch Nails site and remixed a new track by Trent Reznor...have a listen!

Also,,,my project with Kenji Siratori is moving along nicely,,,May is the month for 'alien extermination's' release..check out the cover art
Some very nice Aesthetics photos by Dunedin's newest audio-genius Alex McKinnon can be viewed HERE
and so: thank you, so long, the chemical romance song says. teens man, they scare the living shit outta me. friggen fringes,,,yeah theres a fringe for ya. a real fringe. PS - come and listen to the Bebo CRUDE POP PARTY Album! I consider it to be the follow up to 'Inner City Guitar Perspectives'!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Crude marches on. And I've ditched the squelching biege vans for a pair of black and white sneakers. That do not squelch. They pop. I 'pop' around town. Today I shall take stock of recording progress this year - I shall list the new titles I've conjured up for the december release ...oh dear, the title,,,why oh why,,,L'archivio dei lavori ultimati da Matt Middleton per l'ANNUNCIO 2008 di anno...I shall henceforth refer to this data-laden platter as 'the december release' - the Italian, loosley translated is 'Archive of the best works by matt Middleton for the year 2008' or something. Very dry, but succinct.

new titles: (post syringe/insekt --which is the first 'folder' of the data dvd)

..a short eerie vocal treatment..
Another one Bites...of course - the famous Crude re-working of the Queen hit of 1980..cheeky.
Vortexx Rock '08 ...back to the classic crude 'spy/surf' sound of the datastream cowboy days perhaps..psy-op driving synth..snakefinger-style guitars embellishments..
Shine On ....blazing high pitched guitar fuzz and crystal , space 1999 sample mega-treated..
Puru Liir .. one of the bass recorder works..deep..deep...deconstructed. Gibberish language title..
Deep Field ..super tuned-down reverb drenched wind instrumental..
Hulan Tipal..more invented that quasi-Tibetan perhaps..? Another bass recorder work..
Huul Dax above!
Blackened Deadened Keys..think Gorgoroth made entirely out of synthesizers...?
Tallow...a charming evil/cute pixelated mp3-crystalline piece..
Devil Racerr...dig the two 'rs' ..yeah man Po-Mo..this is that electronic-motorcycle sound you get from a juno 60 roland synth.....2 lanes...two drivers..a near over-dose and a naughty pitch bender..
Hell Bent remix....Judas priest cover...super treated,,super cut up...super nasty..downright rude ..
Alone by the Fire...creepy super-odd crude track wif vocals..wierd jazz rock treated electronics
Spliced Swinger .. an electro piece that swings..messed up...ugly even..
Nort Juss - BASS recorder--shawm...
Bula Droiv - bass recorder,,,sax,,
Tulak Nozoth ---u can check this one out HERE
Slov Kuum - bounty hunter from Tatooine...naah...another bass recorder work..
La Piano 222,333 and 444..piano experiments...
So , thats the december release thus far. before december..there should be an Aesthetics CD (r) out..a self-released effort artfull attempt to capture the current 'good form' of the band..of course check out our myspace page...what collab with Kenji Siratori should be properly released via under-underground label hypermodern inMay!! Check out our myspace page..
I am involved in a couple of Dunedin Fringe activities...get the info below....and ...of course..i trawled the net and located sites / stores which hold copies of my 'major' releases from the '90s - the classics as it were....inner City Guitar Perpex...refute a myth society et al...what eles...the sun is shining on Dunedin today!!! So keep out of it!!!!!
So anyway -- here's the latest catalogue as a pdf.

a streaming we shall go

As an introductory gift - if you don't have these babies already - some vital open-source Crude for you and you and you. All music is by Matt Middleton.Copyright.Copyleft. Copy Kopy.If you're looking for Crude news updates, please scroll further down to the 'news' post, post number one, where the former updates page has been replicated in full ,,,complete with scores of active, seething, purring links:::both internal unt external. yah!!! Many many moons. Aloha, ufoid.
Crude - Syringe/Insekt

Crude - Slurries Vol 2

Crude - Rich and Dumb

2006 to now : crude news


THE DUNEDIN FRINGE FESTIVAL 2008 : crude is participating in 2 events:::: firstly, 'sound in the cracks' - 'INNOCENCE' : INNOCENCE (April 3rd, 8pm) Forty (or so) Dunedin musicians are put into a room. All of their names are put into a hat. Then a series of short (generally speaking, 5 to 12 minute) silent films are shown. For each film, three musicians' names are pulled out of the hat. They then improvise the soundtrack to the next film, which they are unlikely to have seen before. ($12/$10conc)

the other shows in the sound in the cracks series:cHERE

EXPERIENCE (April 4th, 8pm) A night of modern composition, interpreted at its' most basic level - that one person tells some other people what to do. This is composition in paint, in word, in flesh, in ether - as well as music. All works are by Dunedin residents. ($12/$10conc) PRIVATE (April 5th, 8pm) A night of immersion. Here, we erase the borderline between musician and audience to give an even greater understanding of how musicians work and think. Not quite a workshop, and not exactly a "happening" - but definately a unique experience. This night is FREE but numbers are strictly limited. No intoxicated persons will be admitted. PUBLIC (April 6th, time to be confirmed but approx. 2 or 3pm) An exploration of Dunedin's acoustic ecology. Some transport will be provided, but please bring your own if you can. FREE. SOUND IN THE CRACKS utilises the skills of over 60 Dunedin-based creative musicians, and well as workers in other discplines, and the films in the first concert have been collected from top-notch makers from around the country. ||then

PRIVATE (April 5th, 8pm) A night of immersion. Here, we erase the borderline between musician and audience to give an even greater understanding of how musicians work and think. Not quite a workshop, and not exactly a "happening" - but definately a unique experience. This night is FREE but numbers are strictly limited. No intoxicated persons will be admitted.

PUBLIC (April 6th, time to be confirmed but approx. 2 or 3pm) An exploration of Dunedin's acoustic ecology. Some transport will be provided, but please bring your own if you can. FREE.


after collaborating with punk rockers in the Czech Republic, experimental musos in Malaysia, and Hip-Hop and Gamalan in Eastern Java, the mr sterile Assembly, 4 Wellington avant/punk/jazz musicians, perform alongside experimental Dunedinites to deliver 2 hours of total sensory submersion: a molotov of music, film, installation, animation and cricket pads.

5 6
2.30PM (MASONIC 5TH); 8.30PM (5TH); 9.30PM (6TH) (DURATION 120MINS)

wondering about those major releases from the ninetees? i trawled the net and found many of them extant. check 'em here


-----Life and love.So sayeth the award winning French actress. Passion. Anyway. What is happening in Camp Crude you ask? Very important: indeed : LIFE CHANGING , Terra QUAKINGLY important stuff is going down here. First : local Dunedin multi-medium artist Aliki Boufis (khomet, haunted turneys, glee cartel etc etc) has contributed a 15 track platter of sound-genius to the Artless Intent corpus. As soon as cover arts received, the album goes live.(as in , well, its available). might post a whole track (here it is : track 9 from 5454's travelogue album!)as the sample instead of the usual 'micro-sample'. 'Tis a strange world, this open source one. The 'mp3 blog' phenomenon is another weapon in the free content arsenal , perhaps in 10 years the idea of 'buying' a recording will be deemed preposterous. Oh well, we do what we fricken can , don't we Stu. I mean hell, i've 'given away' a wack-load.But i still try to 'sell' stuff. I try. And on occasion, I do. Anyone reading this in China?India? Didn't think so. Where are you? Do you feel like buying a Crude cd? Or would you rather just download something? Does the 2008 data cd, not released until december, interest you? It'll be like $50. Only a fraction released free. Most of it exclusively yours..oh, GIG COMING UP: march 5. And the Aesthetics got a lovely article in New Zealand Musucian mag. Marvellous, says Cambell Kneale,,,ah,,John Campbell.


well, Crude is back in dunedin for another year of refinement and ferment. Enjoy that 'syringe/insekt' cause it's the only free release or any type of release this year with the exception of decembers datadvd - which will contain all my recordings this year! This year also look out for a recording by The Aesthetics - the first by this line up! Looks like there'll be a few crude shows coming up in the dark belly of dunedin-town soon...i wet my pants in utter excitement. yeah. wet 'em. wet 'em real good. like GG allin.

28.1.08 -

A PHOTOJOURNAL of the big day out gig is available!!

22.1.08 -

the big day out - done and done. As soon as i receive photos and the recording, i will place this digital evidence on the Aesthetics page .Also a full sorta tour review. A highly subjective one. So, welcome to 2008. To celebrate, I'm making available the first folder of the years' only release (the long Italian titled dvd discussed below). Unearth these isolationist piece HERE. No Crude shows on the horizon, but the aesthetics will be performing twice in Febuary.


the aesthetics to play big day out 2008 !

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Oh, such a shift in our fortunes. After carefull deliberation, the panel of judges from the big day out decided to go with us, a Dunedin band no less, and in 9 days we will be on our petrol-fuelled way to our first Stadium show! smile!

The journey began when we submitted the simple rock song 'Pelvic Arcana' to a local university radio competition. The comp - 'open the big day out', was based firstly on voting , which we won hands down, then on the discernment of a cabal of radio one staff. We won the Dunedin final, and our presskit and track(s) were submitted to bfm/bdo. Apparently, none of the Auckland bands we were up against had what 'they were looking for'. Perhaps it was energy - maybe innovation, i'm not sure.

But they chose us, and we are delighted. We'll (attempt to...if its anything like the crude goes to new york photo diary you may not believe it occured)) keep a road diary , and turn the 30 minute set into more of a 'business card' for the world/indistry we reputedly hate so much , than just a one off gig...we'll make sure we take plenty of ugly on-the-road pics and stadium snaps. I believe our aim qwill be 5-6 real tightly performed numbers leading up to an all-out rock and roll/free-form synth/guitar/drum war near the end.....

19.12.07 -

........the aesthetics page is prety much complete, wwith the exception of some ugly band-shots, but, the mildly exciting thing is , i've tracked down places online where one can get the long-lost LP 'my right to riches'. All the info is on the pages so go there. Yah. Yah. Yavoll. Good golly. Creationists know how to party. David Icke on Ketamine. Al Jazeera and Crude special non-report. Oil. Peak Oil. Ohhh yeah. Read up on your Daoism, prepare your home garden, get your batteris and all the Crude mp3s you can download. Oh yeah, AI has new releases in the pipeline : Dunedin underground electro-wizards Palace, 5454 aNND THE ONE AND ONLY iso FRIKKEN 12....

5.1.07 has a few second hand copies of Inner City Guitar Perpectives available. Not vinyl though sorry. i believe its out of print. But people love it. And it's also a download

10. 12.07

Shit, just looking over this page I notice alot of talk about money. Sorry about that. To counter-balance. I print the words Artistic Integrity.


CRUDE COMPLETE IS NOW AVAILABLE AT A 'NICE' PRICE. THIS PRICE IS $250 NZ, HALF IT'S PREVIOUS VALUE. VALUE. OH VALUE, SUCH PARADOX. ANYWAY, THE DATA DVD IS the future medium for Crude releases, as mentioned below, a years work will be encoded and sold as an archive, no more 'albums' as such. But there is the back-catalogue to check out - they will stay available as albums. Thanks.



Is Online

Date: 4 Dec 2007 10:20 p.m.
Subject: crude - wealth and power unbound: day to day life in 2008
Body: 1. PAYPAL functionality being incrementally added to online catalogue -

2. The Aesthetics are going for funding for 2008 -

3. CRUDE RELEASING STYLE - A NEW STYLE: No more album length releases...
With the completion of the 'Slurry Series' I've been contemplating new ways of 'containing' my recordings. Considering the typically vulgar and volumous output, I ask, how does one release fewer titles, with the same or similar amount of content. And so, in 2008, Crude will be releasing an 'archive' - the full out-put of 2008 as DATA (320 KBPS MP3S) on a DVD..And so, the title of the release for 2008 is : CRUDE - L'archivio dei lavori ultimati da Matthew Middleton per l'ANNUNCIO 2008 di anno'.

4. the crude site has not been updated for a few months, now i have the capability back and am tweaking compulsively.

My god . that information was utterly critical. Utterly. Utterly. UTTERLY.


::::::::::::::::: NEW RELEASES: Japan spews forth many intense artists and writers , dunnit. One such writer is KENJI SIRATORI, a writer of bizarre prose that's so deconstructed it's like deciphering a pilot's manual for a UFO. His work is hyper-scientific, but organic and bloody, indeed, its is the meth of script. Of late he has been collaborating with musicians(as well as recording his own dark ambient snuff): he provides the words, the musicians, a soundscape. The output has been insanely prolific. And CRUDE has come to the party, through a chance myspace meeting. The fruits of this encounter is a cd entitled 'Alien extermination'. Check out the album's myspace page( yes, inanimate objects have profiles too) . Here's the artless intent page. Have a good listen. CRUDE has finally come out of a kind of slack period, releasing slurries volume 3. slurries volume 4 is on the way, and it's better. There's been crude gigs in Dunedin, the Aesthetics are rocking again and hope to play Australia next year. Thats about it.


CRUDE plays at thee BORDERLINE BALLROOM in chch august 30. hip hip! hooray!


THE AESTHETICS are back from the GRAVE! again! the line up this time is : Morgan Oliver -BASS, Jason Barrett-guitar, Malcom Deans - drums and Matt Middleton - vocals, guitar, synth, sax and percussion. Thjis line up will play their premier shows in October me-thinks. And their ought to be at least 75 percent new original material involved. So i've made a lil' aesthetics page and will add to it as the new line up progresses. check it out HERE.


- back from auckland. will write another one of those overviews regarding the event. if yer interested. um, well, the world stinks real bad. go check out my big link den. don't really care bout much. rock and roll eh? yeah - a roster of control freaks, emotional infants and obseessive-compulsive fetishists.


- cool. off to auckland this week. yay. haven't seen the sky spike for 5 years. those swiss artists rule. I have slightly updated my BIO. Now alls i need is a c.v that will actually get me employed.


- a few pics from my recent show at the crown hotel are HERE. Photos by rok pix.


- tHE real groove article is OUT! GLOSSY,, GLOSSY,,, SHINY!!!


- So it seems this page right here is thee new hub. Is my site all too Web 1.0? Quite possibly. Oh well, we do what we can. Don't we. Yes we do. A visitor to this site 'Dosen't want to work for things' and shouldn't have to unearth stuff. They should be avidly presented with it. I try my best. A reminder of some of your wonderous cruddy options: I have T-SHIRTS for sale! I have LOGOS on view! I have a little piece of PROSE! I have a STOOPID ARTY page! I have GIG POSTERS on view too! What else.....oh yes, a RE-RELEASE! DOPAMINE 20 IS now out as a DATA CD! Wahooooo! Looks like I'll be playing a gig at the Crown Hotel June 30th with Pumice and WOLFSKULL!


- the second artless intent release is now available. Check out the CPU Group's 'eagles in echo' HERE. Tentative arrangements are being made for Crude to play Wellington in August. Crude endorses all sorts of unsavoury things. Crude is nurturing a wonderous presence on myspace. Crude encourages independant, objective news analysis.


- oh my god i'm playing auckland! Part of the ongoing ALT.MUSIC FESTIVAL! The lineup::::::::::::::::::::::::::Schimpfluch-gruppe including Runzelstirn and Gurglestock, Dave Philips, Justice Yeldham and the Dynamic Ribbon Device, and Crude!!!!
entry:::::::::::::: $15, Saturday July 28, 2007, doors 8pm, starts 9pm ...............................................Rising Sun, Karangahape Rd, Auckland




- A special pre-realease interview with Shayne Carter is AVAILABLE HERE in the Press section (lower part of the page..). This will be in Real Groove's JUNE 2007 edition! My god, actual press! In a New Zealand music magazine! who'd've thought it? something gotta be wrong...


- ringtones! Thee innovative crowd at Voeveo have made it easy for people like ME to broadcast my twisted little ringtones onto innocent mobile phones! CHECK IT OUT


- new album. part of the 'slurries' series 07. not one thing recorded - all intra-cranial, intra-computer clickerama. all praise to the new flesh eh what. Its called 'SLURRIES VOLUME 2'. check it out in the 'most recent releases' page.


- like anybody who is nobody CRUDE has a page on News Corps' Myspace. check it out HERE


-like whats going on here? why not invest in the programme.




- has a few second hand copies of Inner City Guitar Perpectives available. Not vinyl though sorry. i believe its out of print. But people love it. Link:

HOT !!*aRTLESS iNTENT to release local artists on special web-catalogue. FIRST RELEASES POSTED MARCH 07 approx. ARTLESS INTENT line focusing on local electronic, experimental, odd-ball, spoken word and scum-rock artists. releases to aid groups in outreach. label un-motivated by competition.

24. 12.06

- to aid the bewildered and the off-put i have split the crude catalogue into a trilateral formation thusly :the MOST RECENT RELEASES PAGE, the ESSENTIAL TITLES page (about 15 or so of my personal best) and the FULL BACK-CATALOGUE PAGE (unabashed glory)


New York thing - happened, is now memory. Detailed Report due to Creative New Zealand. Harrased by Work and Income on return. These govt departments obviously do not communicate. Ability to skip country for 'free' resented by winz. Contribution to new zealand culture dubious. crude futures 2007 Current mood: optimistic hello. crude strategies 2007 :
*further online fermentation, general mycological decay.
*departure from 'techno' to 'slurry sound'
*post 'manahattan transfer' report to creative new zealand, general anti-climax
*albums-as-files, direct marketing to brain implants.
*nurofen plus plus, l-tyrosine, dha, blueberry, vinpocetine , alpha lipoic acid(?)
*sporadic volume release of 'slurries' - computer music gunk
*revolving line of credit. retarded but not. probably not.

REVIEW OF THE LINES OF FLIGHT FESTIVAL which incl myself by Stephen Clover is HERE


- a new dark ambient cd (post wretched five) is out now! Entitled 'FUMES' this work will be showcased at Lines of flight 200666. Check out a new track from this album HERE