Monday, December 29, 2008


...and so 2008 comes to an end. Many thanks to all readers, thanks for the feedback and support.
So, although it would be easier to just keep blogging here, i included the year 2008 in the url title so i needed to create another. The 'crude decade' is the portal of chortle for 2009. here's the link:

....thanks and goodbye 2008, you shit filled year of madness, jealously, death and pain.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Tomorrow, the 'boxing day', Crude performes at Chicks Hotel with the legendary electro-recluse ISO12 !!! This will be a post-xmas 'relief its over' party, also a forum for the release of the wordy 'l'archivio' dvd, which features 77 tracks, 4 vids and a writing section, all as data data data. I'm very happy with this dvd - and i hope you get as much pleasure out of listening to it as i had slaving over it's creation.
Ah, 'tis christmas day; soon, 2009 will grace us, ah, 'twill be the national party's finest hour. So bugger me. The big news - the inauguration of Barack Obama, and, will the alien presence be finally disclosed? Who knows. I doubt it. I've seen one ufo in my lifetime, a small immobile black object in the invercargill heavens, back when i was 4 years old...I could swear it was something un-natural - it simply would not move, a black dot, just hovering, ominous...observing,, reading me,,,downloading my genome,,watching...pulsing...I didn't see it disappear..but you know what - the SAME type of object was spotted in invercargill this year by a family in south invercargill - a small, immobile black dot in the sky - and they saw it leave - it bolted into the air at lightening speed - straight into space, without sound. oh well.
As mentioned earlier, the crude blog for 2009 is here:

.............oh - here is the FINAL song title list for the DVD:

'2008 theme'
'against the street'
'alcoholic descent of famous actress'
'alone by the fire'
'another one bites'
'beast inception'
'black wood, grey air'
'bula droiv'
'cardboard bohemian'
'crude hell bent'
'cruder beat'
'da grind nuu mix'
'death of the patriarch'
'deep field'
'devil racerr'
'dopamine flutter'
'drone of the patriarch'
'eternalize yrrself'
'evil cute kid kill'
'for i have nothing'
'friday (cruder mix)'
'ghz ghz'
'hey hey commando'
'homage 2 gg allin'
'hulan tipall'
'hull, lackey, braggard'
'huul dax'
'i'm a man'
'indistinct and shadowy'
'intent and mobility'
'la fascista'
'la piano 333'
'la piano 444'
'la piano 555'
'miss this'
'new zealand'
'nort juss'
'on an industrial scale'
'puru liir'
'seal 2'
'seething ugly'
'shine on'
'shine on 2'
'shooting up national'
'sikh solace'
'slov kuum'
'spliced swinger'
'syringes and insekts'
'the beggar'
'the sea, the blood'
'the tone, the charm'
'trans caucasus drone warlord'
'tuff in the valley (they make 'em)'
'tulak nozoth'
'ugly competition'
'zhuang zi'

anyways...Aesthetics news...the LP production has been paid for in full, and we are now awaiting the TEST PRESSINGS...yeehaww
until next time...keep cool. merry christmas. obey. consume. die.

Monday, December 15, 2008

microreview # 9 - the autopharpies, the aesthetics, voodoo gangster

The irony, the envy, the blood and the passion. The fire and the blood and the passion. The passion and the fury and the might and the blood and the passion. The fury and the seething, ugly jealousy. And the passion.
Dunedin city, spirit home for those rejected elsewhere. Welcome home.
Ah,, the end of the year. The drunken student hoards shift back in with their parents and the godless consumer beast that is 'christmas' with all it's tiresome obligations sucks on yr vital being like a blood hungry tumour. Everyone gets a little crazy this time of year. Families who hate each other forced together over game and piss. Hows the career going, loser???
And so, what a relief it was to assemble down at None's basement for the fourth and final event of last weeks mini-fest of visual art and performance..
1st up was the Auto Harpies, fresh back from a jaunt to the enlightened isles of the north,,,dizzying, dry, almost morbid science pop, indifferent cool psych enblazoned with an assortment of synth warbles and drones..a slightly lower-key set from the band compared the chicks triumph - but who could blame 'em - this was the end of a very long and hard year. Anyway, their keyboardist Aliki Boufis was on a long haul to Athens the next day...
drink. gurgle. fights. egos. egos like gas planets. dunedin demons. rage.
The Aesthetics were on next, with bass player Jason Barrett nursing a broken hand no less,,,determined to play...regardless,,,,macho/but sorta stupid,,a short set nonetheless,,,doing what we can with what we got and what bones we haven't got...'post-punk' perhaps....with this ugly familiar yokel twang in me vocals...solid drum-chum from openly communist Malcolm least this time our short performance was time you'll see us well have the LP for sale...anyone know why he had a broken hand?? An LP ? Who won lotto??
Voodoo Gangster were last and what a pleasant surprise - really cool electronic/techno/house from Sean Norling and guests...I'd love to get me hands on some of that swagger...abstract, super cool, uber-uber lounge/sci-fi tete-e-tete micro mouse voodoo nonp-reference lacky popper , sytnh from Iso12, maximum impact dry ice .. Nice to see Peter Gutteridge out and about...2009 will be VERY EXCITING and hopefully the logical continuation of all the GOOD WORK put in by the SCORES of very talented dunedin scum-bags and goodly yeomen I know so well. Amen.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


UM,,,,jus' lettin you know before time , because i idiotically named the url of this blog 'crude2008' , well, it'll just look retrograde if i leave it so, so,,,,,I'm starting a new official crude blog in 2009 called the 'Crude Decade'.
You can ready your bookmarks with it here::::::::::

the next crude album - the cover

the fruits of 2008: soon to be released stuff

Hello. Hello. Hello.
Dose down, cheeks ruddy and life rolling over to its sleepy conclusion : this has been 2008.
On the Crude front - the dvd is nearly finished (released on my brfday december 22) , a few more titless there like 'shooting up national', 'angry' , 'against the street', 'la fascista' , 'science' name just a few...very proud of this dvd . so, it's one of those dvd-rom things - you know , those things that were cool in the early'll have writings, (a prose piece for each piece), photos, 3 vids ('wrk ethic', 'j is for jesus' and some other thing...
The Aesthetics LP, well, nearly sent the master away until i found out it was all 'out of phase',, meanaing its back to the drawing board...apparantly, when mixing digital works for vinyl you must keep certain frequencies 'in phase' so as to not send the needle careering across the dubplates...oh well. its a learning curve , what., we The Aesthetics are playing none again december 13th,,,cant wait what a blast......
erm...isn't fun...heres the crude page on ....and the album 'syringe insekt' know this one:

...politics:::: parliament kicks off december 9...woohoo!
financial crisis! wooohhoooo !!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

microreview #8 : eye, drysoket, crude - none 29/11/08(thanks christine knight)

Gallery giggery. Performance-as-installation. Sound creation so subtle as to resemble a type of internal martial art. This music isn't spectacle, it's a distillation. A performance captured for posterity by a myriad of recording devices...the audience is less participant-in-real-time than estranged remote-viewer..(quiet..we're making history here). Three acts, with a fourth assembled from diffuse players/party-goers.
The None Gallery basement is such a great setting for performance. So ramshackled and gnarley. Concrete and dust and bottles'o'beer, I have to commend the dancer for performing in bare feet. Actually, I have to commend the dancer for performing full-stop - I have never seen anyone interpret free-noise with dance. No defined rhythm to grasp onto, unless you count the percolating pulse of naked speaker against concrete. Yes - this was act number one : Dry Soket - another clever working title (prize for who can list 'em all!) for the stalwart gallery ensemble of Boufis, MacKinnon and Wilson, featuring contemporary dancer Josh Rutter. The sound crew were seated on the floor and manipulated a cavalcade of sound devices - some of which were hooked up to a series of diagonally aligned( rather like a classic vector graphics game) multi-sized speakers on the concrete floor. They were a delight to behold as grainy signal forced one particular speaker to splutter and rattle - a curious electro-acoustic pitter-patter of wood, concrete and rubber. A little performance in it's own right. MacKinnon blurs the line between art and music by incorporating his current installation motif into the 'onstage band' format. But it was Rutter who commanded the most eye-balling. Painfully slow martial art-like movements, slo-mo convulsions, a bizarre figure stalking and glaring and searching, as if possessed - opening and closing the door in some ghostly sorta shamanistic/demon absorbing way, agony his expression - one couldn't keep ones eyes off Rutter and his tense, truly clever interpretation of what the sound was doing. Or going. Or whatever. Nigel Bunn, seated next to me, mentioned something about DDT and its effects. Bravo.
Beer number 6 and next on was Eye, the power trio of Porteous, Stapleton and Thompson. An elegant arc of a set - perhaps based on
a classical formulae - i don't know, the tension was coaxed up to a climax, there was the plateau of madness, then it all calmed down again and found resolution - perhaps an analogy to passing storm? The erotic arts? Somthing more cerebral perhaps - even paranormal? Either way it was awesome - a personal highlight was the primordial circular drone emitted from a Tibetan bowl -- always a pleasure to absorb. Such a simple device - such a gorgeous sonic result.

Crude played next. Unashamedly antithetical in its approach to the last 2 acts. More animal than cerebral. Animal yet mathmatical yet lap-toppy industro beats w/ slimey sax abstracts. Yokel vocal. Did they like it? Crude has no idea. Crude woke up next morning and said. "That gig did'nt actually happen". Crude don't care. Crude on crude. It still suits the galleries tho'. Says me. The glitch bogan fron nowheresville, southland.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ugly ambition - the cover

here it be , here it be. this is the cover for the aesthetics album. Um, its gonna be a screenprinted cover so we'll more than likely print it on some tee shirts and suitjackets and shit...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

stock footage from 2003 plus! microreview #7 - alex mackinnon,pete gorman ,shelly harding,....OPSoA show..

An old friend of mine , Tania Price, posted some footage of my one-and-only art show ('kiosk' a daily matinee and revue of my cover art - especially the black and white photocopied stuff ---like so::::

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

...yeaH...anyways..erm..heres a link to the VIDEO. Its potentially amusing footage if you like your compere short and strange and born iun southland. talking garbage. And why not. Wasn't it Baudrillard who said we need MORE rubbish out there - more anti-simulacrum simulacrum ? More anti-media media? Gilbert? Am i wrong? i go at 'art writing'. Something I may never do again. Now, I'm a bogan, so, don't expect art nz mag material. Ok???
-----um, went to an art show last night - a good one, mind. So good I shouted the show another box of booze. Mister-arts benefactor. Micro-loans. Anything to usurp attention eh? (manipulative lttle creep -- naaaaah). The artists of the evening were Alex Mackinnon, Pete Gorman and Shelley Harding .(now if I missed something i'm sorry)From my viewpoint, flux was the prime motif here - movement - invisible and visible, and its visual/sonic/spatial representation. Gormans installation, a mechanised pendulum augmented with all manner of transmitters, radio devices, mini-cameras, and a panoply of wires was the real rock and roller of the night. 2 large projections behind the ever writhing implement captured the bizarre de-tuned transmission(s?) and re-coded it as beautifully agressive tv glitchery not disimilar to the quality of transmission from those dodgy head-mounted cams the crew of the nostromo beamed back to Ash on their fateful walk out to the derelict ship on Lv-426 (oh, you remember). A radio tuned between stations (am? fm? sw?) relayed a hypnotic drone/signal - chance musics - the range of tone and pitch was astounding. A truly beautiful amalgam of drive and constancy and gurgle and purr. Perhaps his assessor felt the same way, who knows.
MacKinnon used sound as his medium. A trio of cabinet-extracted speakers were masterfully strung to ceiling and wall creating a zennist enclave and a perfectly proportioned template for the prepared sound-fields to channel through. You know, you can say 'drone', but the word simply dosen't do justice to the spectrum and variety of sound that a drone can acheive. Literally millions of different genera of drone. Mackinnon, cleverly referencing Lucier, coaxed out dozens of alternate drones and sounds from a single source. Scoff all you want - sound art exists. so go buy an installation or buy a friken record of the stuff. Its hipper than smoking a hookah on k road or living with someone who knew andy warhol once.
Lastly, and no, not leastly was one Shelly Harding- video art this time. A beautiful looping tryptich feauting a human figure, masked, performing 3 different home-gym excercises. Very very smart and amusing material (if i was wealthier I'd buy the data and have it at home)and a wall sized chess board/smorgasboard of female mouths, gossiping,reciting, divulging dirty secrets, abstract bubbling brooks of mouths and ruddy lip-schtick,,totally hypnotic - very much a work indiciative of the lil' boxes /profiles of the web-age, dozens of concurrent streams of thought and narrative/concord and discord - back-biting and dual-faced careerist mulch.
I write this review because I respect the work of these artists, i was there, and I had a good time. So,, if this review, in all it's non-referential philstinismism, does anyone any good, then GOOD. bee bob a luula shes my baybee.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

enough politics - back to music

Yeah I've had it with my ranting. I can bleat all I like but really, the left/right argument is a stalemate. For every argument from the left there's a rebuttal from the right and it goes on and on and on forever amen. As Key says - the proof of the pudding is in the eating so I suppose we better sit back and watch all the 'brightness' we voted for happen. Ohh but there'll be 'belt tightening'.. Yeah, whatever. Thats my last comment, sorry if it's sounds limp.

Music - um, well I'm doing my bit for private enterprise and releasing the new Aesthetics album , ugly ambition, which truly kicks ass, in my arrogant opinion, on vinyl. A real investment. So, keep an eye out early next year for that gem. It'll bhe collectable. Like a 70s Star Wars figure. Like the dole. Like empty methadone bottles. Like magic nose goblins.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

the nz election - the live blog

...9.08 pm votes -- 39% national is ahead.
cocky blood reddens pearl necklace blonde silver spoon money heroin family - 6.8 million dollar mansion - tory media led election victory for national - kiwis will believe anything - blood and guts - death - financiers waiting in the wings to insert fattened phalli into us - death - 49% national is ahead - --
9.14 pm -- blonde rankin heroin cocaine funds private funds products'n'services - what will they offer - lock up the frustrated - john key takes nervous shit - blonde nazi sheik - national party - cocaine inserts - change! change! change! change! change for the rich! growth ! growth! growth!
54% returned --- national is ahead.....cocky conserves /skins tighten /dopamine shooting-up (very wealthy children of ceo takes heroin for the first time and feels normal for the first time)- undeserving poor closer closer to messy deaths at hands of noblemen street-fighting mob - undeserving unproductive children need personal responsibility (in form of powders, glues, milk-products, agri business, govt subsidies for business) for grey-power rocket felch in cocaine nazi blonde ambition family - keep on growing - even when the resources run out - new markets : selling heroin to auckland's wealthy - good idea - attn paris hilton : flood auckland 2009 - right wing govt good ground for this enterprise ---
9.40 - 70% return. National is ahead. Greedy grimace/grin lamb-chop right leaning fetish fetish - national is in. with ACT as head sadist. Media has told us this is the outcome right from january '08. our pulverized brains just go along with it. How many people in this country really know what the right stand for? Or do we just identify with the black and white rugger bugger get-off-yr-butt rhetoric gung-ho hurl-spiel of the fattened lamb-butter boys - couch potato - national - tory - republic - they've usurped barak obamas change meme - wrong ideology mate! change. they're changing right! oh yeah.whatever.75% - 46.1% to national. they lead.
the poor - bail out the rich. everytime. social policy. zakat. lemmings. cost/benefit. We are all purely rational beings. statistics. machines. growth. bohemian. ethyl alcohol. robyn malcolm. pizza and coffee. ivory dealers. public/private. making the private public since 1974. secrets. lies. stem-cell research. testicle. genome. king-maker. maori/national rightist merger. ge money. bayer pharmaceuticals. prozac. privatisation. corporate welfare. sales. lackey. braggard. mummies boys. there is no depression in new zealand. prime minister. views. cabinet. mafia interests. pressure groups. tags. microsoft.
i get the feeling we've all bought into the memetic usurpation of barack obamas 'change' theme.
10.00 pm thinks it's over. for me. for people like me. weak people. people who never grew up. people who gave themselves over to their madness - their muse. Real work beckons. Real, decent work. A change. I must join the dairy industry. Or its over for me.
private. private. private. pepsi runs kindergartens. macdonalds runs primary schools. work and income exxon/mobile. private/public. john key's house. a fresh target. call the feds.
some signs of movement. 87% returned. nats ahead. it's over. industry. resources. we've signed ourselves over in this stupid trance-state. we're dead.
10.08pm Hi Mum. You got the change you wanted. Guess its time to let the entrepreneur inside me come out of the closet. Maybe selling guns? Start a sort of artist mafia/gang? NZ dosen't want to protect the vulnerable. NZ seemingly dosen't want so many things it's grown accustomed to. Oh well. When it turns to shit, its our own fukkin fault. We've made our fukkin bed. Interest cuts on student loans is back. We're fuckd. the baby-boomer cockys have their prurient inbred toffe-nosed fun once it over??? erm...

Friday, November 7, 2008

new place online for Crude Tees....

Check it out:: - a new hub for the Crude tee shirts and theres thousands of other wierd arty tees to check out.....

other tees :

oooh time only...the original designs.....
1. 'scratchy' tee 2. 'mousey tee' 3. 'arcane' tee. 4. 'man-in-hat' tee.
All designs kopyroight matthew middleton's problem,cunt? designs 2005-2054

Thursday, November 6, 2008

the creative madman under National - a manifesto

1. The hogget'n'beef bloated cocky has his power back. The ACT party will insert it's fascist kiwi-style libertarianism into our jellyfish-like recti/lives. United future will provide the lubricant. The angry working poor now have executive governmental approval to blame the unemployed and unemployable for their personal problems. The meme is set in blue australian mineral/steel, and the coke snorting, butt-plug wearing, gimp-in-secret CEO-set shall spit on me and you and ma and pop forever amen.

2. The anti-political-correctness meme is back in the executive government level. Let the 'entrepreneurs' and old-moneyed brat-spawn stare down upon ye through royal roman noses. Let them heckel and bray. Secret coprophiliacs - a true New Zealand culture. The mantra: - through soiled, gurgling shit spangled throats-- "the poor - why,, they are lazy! For they have chosen their lot! Why should we pay!! Why should we pay tax full stop! Ducky --take a nice hot shit on my face...aaaaa yes! yes!!

3. To be an artist or musician, a 'creative'; to our enemy, this is always seen as a weak ambition. Something essentially deviant, evidence of mental illness, or a lack of 'spine'. Under National - regardless of ones living standards..even without access to not stop your flow - keep your output alive. Keep it coming. Change your medium perhaps - if there are no tools/materials at your disposal, take up ritual magic, invent religions, perform in the street. And get ugly. Represent the truth - what life under national is really like. Observe the anomie. Be the anomie. Document the inequalities - expose them, and confuse the conservative mind. Vex upon vex upon hex upon hex. All we have left. Concoct and knead curses with bloodied knuckles.

4. You cannot 'buy' genius - and this fact frustrates the wealthy - it sends them into a psychotic, foaming, demonic fury.

5. Drugs are good for you. Drugs aid in your ritual. Your 'art'.

6. Being poor under National : a different kind of poor.

7. The money will trickle up. Your wage streams through you. You are a conduit for
the shifting of funds from remote private interest to remote private interest. To make something is the enemy of consumerism -a passive dance

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

live blog US election

3.15 new zealand time:
joined twitter. red state? blue state? 808 state? pure hate? too late?

3.21 -
obama wins ohio - needle in me vagin'o

3.25 "Is that a dog? his name is biscuit "

3.26 seen that film - 'gozu'? dig that last scene!

cruder fox fascisti they know the real the real baudrillardian world the real rational cost-benefit analysing rational human ..

Thursday, October 30, 2008

microreview #6 - dirtroom and armpit , none gallery, 30.10.08

Another gathering at the None Gallery, a performance by Armpit, the brilliant dirt-guitar ex-hamilton outfit featuring all-stars Pumice, CjA, and (absent for this show) Jon 'sugarjon' Arcus, and Dirtroom - savage inner-city guitar perspectives. Armpit are celebrating the release of their album 'tron' on Last Visible Dog records (and look at all these other kiwis Chris Moon has released!). Dirtroom have also just completed an awesome album entitled 'Curses'.(info here)
An intimate evening - typical of an evening with the Nonesters, good willed, friendly, a celebration of sound-arts and a collective bat-on-the-back. A good way to blow off the foetid steam of weekly living as a student/artist..that is..generally strapped with a sporadic wad of heavily creased, p-lined and grocery-listed cash here/there from gigs sales..

Wonderful to be in the superlative presence of Mr Stefan Neville(pumice)once more,this is a man who has the fortitude and single-minded art-market savvy to take his inimitable show to the world, funding or no, and to release title after title, illustration after illustration, gem after gem and drum like a pro to boot.
Also present was Zoe Drayton, one of the most passionate advocates of sound art I've ever met, a true driving force here and founder of the Audio Foundation. This is the person to know if your aesthetic aspirations are not those of dave dobbyns and more like john cage's. I'm a member of the AF and it is truly the finest effort to consolidate and network this young scene to date.

Gigs gradually become more like art installations...well, sound-art gigs are...and so does the peripheral noise-rock/ethereal drone scene.its not a bad's about really listening and appreciating the sound...of course I make a point to have a project alive that will reject these socio-spatial requirements - gigs a real wild party complete with heckling, dancing and pernicious satanic character asassination and bloody gossip through the entire show...a true blues rock 'gig' in a pub in a town in the South Island of New Zealand. Yeah yeah yeah. Shut up.

Anyway, this gig was great. Dirtroom are a force field, and their noise is increasingly subtle and evil - Armpit are legendary, micro-entreprenuers - bastions of DIY, real role-models and modellers of the scene. Heard of in Finland. Even.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

the aesthetics - gig commentary

check it out at the aesthetics blog here:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

end times jukebox -

the set list (oh yes how utterly fascinating!) as 'spun' by the 'end times jukeboxx' for the aesthetics gig at chicks on saturday ............
oh what an arrogant and pretentious assortment of snobby musics! as if you care!!!
ahoy! what ho! hey nonny nonny!

1. theme from stalker (russian film)
2. psychic tv - being lost
3. serge gainsbourg - le poinconneur des lilas.....
4. alan vega - ice drummer
5. van halen - running with the devil
6. sisters of mercy - anaconda
7. the germs - sugar sugar
8. slayer - black magic
9. sham 69 - hersham boys (live)
10. serge gainsbourg - harley david son of a bitch
11. the plasmatics - sex junkie
12. lene lovich - wonderful one
13. leonard cohen - im your man
14. gg allin - i hate people
15. fela kuti - zombie
16. john carpenter - assault on precinct 13 main theme
17. neil young - don't cry no tears
18. the puddle - rat park
19. nikki sudden - stuck on china
----------------------------------end of set one
perhaps a more pop orientated, accessible group of songs.

set 2.
more electronic orientated:

1. throbbing gristle - splitting sky
2. crude - i'm a man
3. tolerance - sound round
4. grandmaster flash & the furious five - new york , new york
5. ellen allien - MM
6. Cinema Verite - side 2 of 'der weisse rauch'
cassette 1984. GET IT HERE

set 3 - punkier - drunkier

1. helios creed - invitation
2. gg allin - i need adventure
3. lydia lunch - lightening's girl
4. swell maps - midget submarines
5. daf - sato-sato
6. alice cooper - elected
7. billy idol - white wedding
8. sylvias mother - dr hook
9. trois gymnopedie - satie
10. hot chocolate - everyones a winner
11. herbie hancock - rockit
12. pussy galore - kill yourself
13. the plasmatics - black leather monster
14. aleister crowley -vive la france
15. phases of the moon - peking opera melody
16. artaud -pour en finir
17. georgio moroder - scarface - end title

psycho-geographic analysis of the gig to come!!! thrills and spills! ugly ambition!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

why 'blog'? why not 'glog'?

Music is life and life is music. Oh, I hope the New Zealand National Party don't make it hard for me to make it. Whatever they put me through, nahh, I'll still be making music. I imagine it'll be fiercer, more deranged, more desperate and savage. And my performances may be too, but i'll probably be too anemic and hungry to get too powerful up there..hail the brighter neoliberal future!! Heil!! Well- on the surface at least the party is looking to 'maintain' funding for the arts at the same level as it is now and it'll keep PACE afloat apparently...

The news of the hour::: the AESTHETICS ALBUM. It's pretty much DONE and MAN it kicks ASS.
The sound has evolved into a kind of less punky, more, i dunnow, new wave/alt rock type thing, the sly musical wit of Alex Chilton, the fiendish funk of late 70s Iggy Pop, the purulent anger and grotesquries of GG Allins Murder Junkies, the lo-fi slime of Flipper, the saxophonic angularity of The Contortions, the undeniable influence/inspiration provided by Chrome and Helios Creed (unmistakeable!!unavoidable!!)...all of these references suit the new sound/album.
Well be playing Chicks Hotel this Saturday (the 25th) as well as playing our favourite musics/drinking roles.

What else. Not that much really. I've taken up Tai Chi, and I love it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


this fresh batch from the USA are $30 each. u'll see em at gigs, on the street, up yr nose etc.
Also, the Aesthetics are playin Chicks Hotel, Pt Chalmers on Saturday the 25th of October!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

microreview #555 - onefest 5 - the hasselhoff experiment, general winters' freak train, the autoharpies, and crude

To keep a string of reviews astringent and alive and spontaneous can be a difficult procedure because yr dealing with 'samey' situations and sounds. Perhaps a theme could be proffered for each new review. This week feminist. Next week post-structuralist . Naahhhhh. I ain't THAT academic, me mateys. Not me. Sorry Bob.

..A fly in a end-of-days stupor slams into the window and we recall the weekend.

Radio One throws these yearly parties called Onefests. This weekend saw number 5 down at...yep..Chicks Hotel in our favourite port community, Port Chalmers. (where????)
The Hasselhof Experiment were to re-invent themselves that night, yo MFs, we're back.
To me it was the AutoHarpies night. Me being a big fan and all. Even objectively indeed..scientitionisticly, it really was their night. because it is...OUR problem.
After my token 'look what i can do (with a bottle)' 30 minute performance the Harpies took their auto-pills and unleashed the fiercest, most atonal, most destructive, most evil, most machinistic, most unmanageable (and unmarketable) din I've heard from a live band in a long time. With a drummer auto-high and blasting binary..keeping a lid on the swirl just ever so slightly. A rhythm based band. Atonal - except for the devilry of their voices, a note sustained here and there. The retro-referential synth-horn-section overdriven and bastardized. Bass with indifferent forward-drive. Noise for noise sake. An apocalyptic, musically nihilistic tour de force.
I wonder to myself - my God - Radio One who is owned by (who?) who is owned by (who??) is celebrating and supporting this...this...noise?? These type of bands are pure art - pure dada, dirty to the core, as poor as a wall street exec...there must be someone on the inside...oh,,yes,,thats right. There is. Your place in heaven is secure, sir/madam.

The Disc Jockey of the evening was General Winter's Freak Train , aka Aaron Hawkins, spinning an curious mix of musics to suit the dangerously eclecticism of bands. Some really interesting noisey stuff..lotsa 'whats this'? and 'who's this' from me - buggin the dj like a star-fucker on ecstacy

Crude and The Autoharpies didn't truly fit in with the sound and style of the H.E, the former 2 acts blasting off into the acrid nether-regions of sound and unsound all arty like (not quite fitting into the new free noise/improv scene (I'm so sensitive. I'm so serious) OR the 'rock'n'roll scene (i'm so unpolitical. i'm so meat.I had sex)) or the punk scene (i don't care. I'm under 20 ) OR the indie lo-fi (my acoustic guitar is my mother) scene or the new doom scene(i smoke sooo much pot. I am male.)...even the dunedin scene (i'm from dunedin and i'm in a band so whatever we do its cool)) Maybe thats why the guys didn't turn up to see the support bands. Or maybe they did, but they weren't there when I was. They more than likely were on the road right up to the point of the show driving their v8 holden straight into the stage from outside jumping out and spraying the crowd with flame etc etc. Nevermind. Word is...they were....good. Yep. Fuggin good. Booze soaked rock. Drummer-in-trance plus buckled over gat gurgle-creature. Anti-Seenerama. They arrived, played and got outta dodge. Yeeeehawwww.
And so am I.
Sayonara you smelly south island retards!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

even MORE places to stream CRUDE online

wowww..they're calling it a sort of napoleonic complex...hell..they may even be right!!
Here are links to more placeS where I've stashed songs!!! okay...well...we got:

1. - one of the original realms of free crudery

Bebo - the 'bebo' album - an experiment in nothingness: and possible indie pop glory:

err....where else...oh yeah..i'm all over the internet archive:

and i'm even on naPoleonic complex - quite probable.

and - the new album -------'syringe/insekt' - a different version of the other one (
on my site/internet archive)

and ......will i ever like..give up!!?? someone shut me up!!! I'm never going away!! NEVER!!!!! NEEVVVEERRR!!!

The old original myspace page:

So...that's just the 'alternate' place to stream crude!!!! the official channels are found
woohoo.. oh yeah....thought i'd repost this section::
...."That naked creature, the new zealand creative. Oh! breath with me now - ponder this, the 21st century urban's tenderloin system, it's butter-milk work-wheels, it's cauliflower-ear'd cabal, it's necrotic free-masonry, it's heroic cockies, hoodies yellowed, eyes-on-dope, ancestral frown lines cavernous..'Yo Dick!'..George street: Lo! The public figurine : the plaster-cast artist: she who hath 'willingly' 'selected' that 'insecure' 'lifestyle' 'option'. Tattered, leathered and android, hypnotized on govt cheese, ministry of social development eugenics and the relentless tv3-tv2-tv1 media attention on the daily acts of uniquely kiwi brutality, rape, torture and murder (let alone the gory, nightly, scatalogically vouyeristic and unnecessarily realist cop drama autopsies) all of it dosed out every night like your suppertime war-time tripe'n'greul. And Tv3 will tell you : national has already won! And tv3 will tell you to save power! All the while 'essential' industry sucks up as much as it 'needs'. The little ones all take the risk in the end. We take the risk. We are the buffer-zone. Kept anxious and work-ready. Labour flows. Mobile. Upskilling perpetually.

With all this in the ugly kiwi air.....still! her mirror reflects. The medium may be the word, the line, the sound - the mirror still reflects. And soon, ye who do not yet 'sell', who do not yet 'earn' : soon : the market liberals take power. And STILL : your mirror will reflect. As it does and always will. And you will be marginalized further. And further. And your out-put will darken, madden. It will become louder.

To the New Zealand creative: if national wins the 2008 election - don't stop. Just get louder. Harder. Sicker. Uglier. Smellier. BE the poverty. Show the upper-classes what it does to your mental health - BE the disease. Get right in their whimpering,spastic, painted on faces. Throw their shit back at them. Use what is available. The internet. The pen. The brush. The amplifier. The microphone. The vibrator. The toe-clipper. If you're too weak - withdraw, hibernate, plan, plot, store, percolate. Scratch it out on private scrolls.

Well, i thats probably what i'll do."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

microreview#4 - stefanimal, crude , lucky dragons

firstly however - Crude has joined the ranks of - here's the page:

And also - i'm doin a live-top-air on thursday october 2nd 7-9 on radio 1 91.3 fm.

......Good vibrations cascaded across the great pacific ocean and into the dunedinite soul last evening in the form of the Lucky Dragons, a two piece act from the Los Angeles area. Lucky Dragons are two androgynous/alien types (a complement in my book), Luke Fishbeck and Sarah Rara . This is the sound of the 'new wierd america' - a 'folktronic'/psychedelic movement that embraces innocence, simplicity, polyphony, effects coaxed from homemade and handmade instrumentation/gadgetry. While in NYC in 2006 I viewed this trend first hand - perhaps the movement is a reaction to the hyper-technology of the age, a reaction against the boys-own doom-metal school that is also a very hep thing right now. I have to say it - I was kinda disapointed on realizing that folk/americana/bluegrass/medieval is de rigeur in the US..I came from a type of hicksville to experience 'urban culture' and what I got was another, although a very stylized, hicksville. Surely its a reaction. No-one wants to be sohpisticated anymore. The white kids are discovering their pastoral roots.
Ohhh well. I'll just keep doing my thing. Futuristic, heavy, complex and mentally ill. An unfeeling cacophony care of a bullet proof little boy with megalomaniacal fantasies. Ouch. I know how to hurt myself.

Anyways. Support acts. First Stefanimal.
This woman owes it to herself to take that sound overseas. Its easier said than done of course. I sometimes even resent it when someone tries to encourage me to leave this country.. I dunnow - it's a complement but its like...I live here...I'm sorry but I live here and I'm not anyways..Stefanimal performed and yes - I enjoyed her set. Like Pet Shop Boys high on nitrous. A sensitive, ethereal keyboard driven singer/songwriter adventure - intelligent lyricism, new-wave/new romantic/electro-pop angst underneath a haunting alter-boy-on-smack voice...perhaps goth, perhaps too subtle to be goth. Keep an internet-mediated eye out for this artists progress.........
The audience trickled in gradual couple-based increments..this certainly wasn't a typical backstage evening. And the fact that it was 'god's day' didn't help either. As a performer a Sunday is always an anomalous enterprise.
I played next, yes, me, Crude, in my LA olympics 1984 singlet - almost gay-chic maybe -- all that was missing was the thick mo' and the aviators....nothing out of the ordinary,,backing cd doing all the work...saxophone stabs and bleats...the new post-industrial warble of 'hey hey commando'...synth stitch and swoop..alan vega in my blood...
Then 'twas the Lucky! A ritual - the usurpation of duality and its transmutation into all that monistic. (In other words - they become 'one'). Soprano recorders, pentatonic scales, pretty tones, offerings of rocks and pepples, a strange theremin and audience paricipation ..On the projector sceen they played THIS movie..

Some of the audience left disturbed at the 'ritualistic' character of the Lucky's, but most were uplifted. I felt healed as I woke the next day. And I mean it. Improvised music is a shamanistic phenomomenon and it can be utilized for many highy subjective and personal purposes..including a type of buddhistic cleansing of the mind/soul. One 'deals with' concepts of ego, past issues, person-to-person relations/proximity, claustrophobias/social phobias as one performs. Improvisation is the perfect vehicle for channeling and 'banishing' them. So there. So sayeth Dr Middleton. Whatever. Bye. See ya.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

new aesthetics blog::

a blog specifically devoted to the life and times and rants of the members of the aesthetics is here:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

this is - the news

Crudetivity over the next couplea weeks::; well sir,,on Sunday the 28th Crude will be supporting Lucky Dragons, for sale at that gig will be the nu tee shrrt, i gots 4 - 2 'xs', one 's' and one 'm' - but these sizes are deceptive - in reality they're a size up - the xs tees are actually small etc etc. I'll have an audio copy of 'fumes' , a 'wretched five' data cd, and a copy of the new 'crudepod 06-08' datacd adventure there. On October the 2nd Crude will hit port chalmers once again to join in the festivites--the onefestivities--- numba 5 that is,,supportin' the Hasselfhoff Experiment, and , ohh shucks i get-ta see the AutoHarpies again!!. As far as Aesthetics action is concerned, whelp, we got another Port-side gig, it'll be our first in a while - and we'll be in celebration mode hopefully as we should, I emphasize should, have most of if not all of the 'ugly ambition' tracks recorded by that point. But we won't have copies...we'll be looking to titlate labels far and wide before deciding on a self release or not. all going well however we may have a fresh batch of 'Off' cds direct from the USA to sell. Theres quite a sad story behind this album, one of my most enthusiastic american supporters was one Ian Thomas, who died tragically and well before his time from an agressive brain tumour. He was a good friend and my 'biggest fan' well, in the USA at least. Heres to ya Ian.
ALSO ____ THE VIDEO FOR J IS FOR JESUS -- LIVE -- A SPLICED TOGETHER REISSUE FILMED BY PETE GORMAN (variant media)and M O T O K O will be on youtube soon!!!!! woohoo. for now, check out my 'crudetube' page:

CRUDE - crudepod 06-08
for the sake of simplicity, convenience, symmetry with current trends Crude has compiled a
mp3 data disc that features the booty and blood from the albums
fumes(2006), slurries vols 1 annd 2 (2007), podcast ep (2006), dopamine 20 (2006),
kenji siratori and crude 'alien extermination' (2007) and syringe insekt(2008)!
all 128 kbps mp3s -----------------------------------------------
all encrusted onto a cd!!!! And to you sir, that'll be $50.

Worth. Value. Goods and Services. Self-esteem. Merchantilism. Zakat. Social Policy. John Key. Alchemy. Chicken. Ducking.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Port Chalmers is where it's at - again. It's almost - no, it IS exciting - there's an exciting new scene there - led and fed through the existence of that one pub - CHICKS. Last Saturday was yet another soiree. And WHAT a soiree. First up, the illustrious Toki Wilson, all wired-up and armed with colourful plastic sound toy machinery, rarotongan militant psychedelic hip-hop southern side and the harsh realities of Stafford street art-skool old-skool. Subtle, to the point of evil, Toki's Otepoti underground project, now in it's solo form, set the standard of the evening - an electronic rat-a-tat-tat.
His rhyme slick, his stage presence diminuitive yet simmering, cool incarnate.
Having coerced a friend to lend me $20 now i could truly participate in the evening. MotherEarth was act number two - Joan George on Bass, Robbie Yeats Drums and Chicks owner Hector Hazard on Guitar. This was a power-trio - violent spasms of bass flicker, like scratching Kim Gordon's eyes out, lee Renaldo at-gun-point ---- teaching sonic youth an important lesson, primordial violent slam-slam-slam. The sound like an artfully coaxed yet mismanaged war-effort. Knives and nuns. The ethyl propulsion of our divine drunken-philosopher yeats.The ancestral grin of motherearth on speed/bass/noise. 10 out of 10.
Iso 12, dunedins most dedicated electro artist was next with sytnh back up by myself (crude). Sophistry. Gadgetry. Years of refinement and ferment. Subtle brit pop/ darkwave lyric layered upon home-spun lectro beet/ minimal-tik haus-louse keys. Dance. Specialist music - embracing the one and not letting go. Top marks. Top marks. Top marks. Arm marks. Sharks. Weather. Blood. Iso 12.
But wait.....theres more. The coolest band in New Zealand. The Autoharpies. No exception. Dark brooding post-punk on ether. Sinister synthetic lines of heavily cut coacaine/sound. Super cool girls all statuesque. A drummer unrelenting and super-smooth; evil femme-beat-plastique. A steamy rifferama, subtle like a plasma. Arrogant in its utter coolness, but like as if they give a fuck. Zombiefied melodies atop dual synth/guitar raunch/paunch. A laser - a phaser. A high school blazer.
That alchemic binding together of event and sense that that top-shelf liquor can-do. Jager shots. Punch in the face. Toilet time. A lemon rind.

Friday, September 19, 2008


3 new songs for the " L'archivio dei lavori ultimati da Matt Middleton.....

i'm a man - nu minimal percussion skinny puppy foetus maddening drunk flop

eternalize yourself - mantrfication of post-humous furies experiment

hey hey commando - lite executive blister pack point-of-sale black industrial popper

---off to a gig tonight at Chicks ,,,,,it's thee Autoharpies, Iso12, motherearth and the infamous cult group The otepoti underground. Alright - shall review if able. Thanks alot.TAGS: winston Peters. Populism, charisma, attack politic.

(me holding the cd cover for the album 'slurries volume 2')

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

crude supportin' the lucky dragons!

--from LA ,,the lucky dragons are currently touring the nether-regions and when they hit dunedin Crude'll be supportin' (oh yeah, its the backstage september 28

..check out their myspace page:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

----the infamous crude linkbank


insanity we trust

ronald mallet

valter longo

ultra-cold atoms at otago university

very fascinating doco

free film index

more documentaries

'the corporation' pt 1

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the century of the self - bbc doco

'Sayz Me' great text-to-speech freeware

on conservatism

the new zealand experiment (1984-1999)

vienna actionist films

Scoop Magazine NZ media

Nuclear News

e-book link mill

uk essay on 'workfare'

critiques of libertarianism

us presidential election 2008

edward bernays

thesis on australian 'work for dole' experience


20% of your Final Course Grade

Future Studies

te papa (a critique)

The Revolution of Everyday Life - Raoul Vaneigem

CrimeThink for Beginners

Venture Philanthropy

labelling theory

World Stockmarkets

The Abolition of Work

Bob Black Portfolio


Supression of Dissent



Voice of the Shuttle

Art Film Directors


centre for cognitive liberty

uk unemployment rights out-fit

Science Glossaries

an untold amount of reading

nz politics resources


20 things you should know about corporate crime



Beat Generation Resources

Marxist Literature

Contemporary Art Resource

Mental Health online prognosis

Shame, Welfare Reform, and "High Stakes" Student Testing

who are the REAL bludgers, mate?

Against Intellectual Property




Astrobiology Magazine

C theory

Classic Typewriters

Polar News

Russian Literature Resources


'Anti' Sites


Cut-Up machine

'stumble upon'


Dealing with Psychic Vampires

Encyclopaedia of Fantastic Film and Television

essay on Internet and Proximity

Future Past

Magazine Art

Movie Scripts

Neurosciences Online

Poster Art


Movie Posters


Space/Time engineering

Time Links

Pharmaceutical Companies

Nanotech Companies


Mars Daily

future tech links

International Association for the Study of Pain

The time on Mars

The Hedonistic Imperative

Manifesto of the Communist Party

Plausible Futures

Art Deco

fascist Italy

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communist Italy

drug activism

Top 500 Supercomuter Sites



Yahoo Finance


Tall Poppy Syndrome


NZ Legislation

NZ Culture


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Telecom NZ


World Species Lists

Wearable Computers

Work Ethic History


The Omen



Cult Index

Astrobiology 1



Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch 2

Ambrose Bierce Devils Dictionary

Welfare/Workfare Links

the works of Keith Rankin

Social Security organisations Worldwide

International Social Security Organisation

Universal Income Trust of Aotearoa

audio - interview with Universal Income Trust of Aotearoa

Social Security

Readings on Basic Income

US Basic Guarantee Page

Basic Income Guarantee Australia

Introduction to Social Policy

Corporate Governance 1

Corporate Governance 2

Corporate Governance 3

Corporate Governance 4

International Labour Organization

11 inherent rules of corporate behaviour

Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery

Brain Drain Essay

Green Library - Work and Welfare

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Swallow this

alien interview video

The Time Travel Fund ha ha ha haaaa

Leftist Parties of the World

SPUNK library

The Story of John Titor

Online Books [huge collection]

Bauhaus Archiv

ScienceWeek -Science News


corporate crime reporter

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