Monday, December 29, 2008


...and so 2008 comes to an end. Many thanks to all readers, thanks for the feedback and support.
So, although it would be easier to just keep blogging here, i included the year 2008 in the url title so i needed to create another. The 'crude decade' is the portal of chortle for 2009. here's the link:

....thanks and goodbye 2008, you shit filled year of madness, jealously, death and pain.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Tomorrow, the 'boxing day', Crude performes at Chicks Hotel with the legendary electro-recluse ISO12 !!! This will be a post-xmas 'relief its over' party, also a forum for the release of the wordy 'l'archivio' dvd, which features 77 tracks, 4 vids and a writing section, all as data data data. I'm very happy with this dvd - and i hope you get as much pleasure out of listening to it as i had slaving over it's creation.
Ah, 'tis christmas day; soon, 2009 will grace us, ah, 'twill be the national party's finest hour. So bugger me. The big news - the inauguration of Barack Obama, and, will the alien presence be finally disclosed? Who knows. I doubt it. I've seen one ufo in my lifetime, a small immobile black object in the invercargill heavens, back when i was 4 years old...I could swear it was something un-natural - it simply would not move, a black dot, just hovering, ominous...observing,, reading me,,,downloading my genome,,watching...pulsing...I didn't see it disappear..but you know what - the SAME type of object was spotted in invercargill this year by a family in south invercargill - a small, immobile black dot in the sky - and they saw it leave - it bolted into the air at lightening speed - straight into space, without sound. oh well.
As mentioned earlier, the crude blog for 2009 is here:

.............oh - here is the FINAL song title list for the DVD:

'2008 theme'
'against the street'
'alcoholic descent of famous actress'
'alone by the fire'
'another one bites'
'beast inception'
'black wood, grey air'
'bula droiv'
'cardboard bohemian'
'crude hell bent'
'cruder beat'
'da grind nuu mix'
'death of the patriarch'
'deep field'
'devil racerr'
'dopamine flutter'
'drone of the patriarch'
'eternalize yrrself'
'evil cute kid kill'
'for i have nothing'
'friday (cruder mix)'
'ghz ghz'
'hey hey commando'
'homage 2 gg allin'
'hulan tipall'
'hull, lackey, braggard'
'huul dax'
'i'm a man'
'indistinct and shadowy'
'intent and mobility'
'la fascista'
'la piano 333'
'la piano 444'
'la piano 555'
'miss this'
'new zealand'
'nort juss'
'on an industrial scale'
'puru liir'
'seal 2'
'seething ugly'
'shine on'
'shine on 2'
'shooting up national'
'sikh solace'
'slov kuum'
'spliced swinger'
'syringes and insekts'
'the beggar'
'the sea, the blood'
'the tone, the charm'
'trans caucasus drone warlord'
'tuff in the valley (they make 'em)'
'tulak nozoth'
'ugly competition'
'zhuang zi'

anyways...Aesthetics news...the LP production has been paid for in full, and we are now awaiting the TEST PRESSINGS...yeehaww
until next time...keep cool. merry christmas. obey. consume. die.

Monday, December 15, 2008

microreview # 9 - the autopharpies, the aesthetics, voodoo gangster

The irony, the envy, the blood and the passion. The fire and the blood and the passion. The passion and the fury and the might and the blood and the passion. The fury and the seething, ugly jealousy. And the passion.
Dunedin city, spirit home for those rejected elsewhere. Welcome home.
Ah,, the end of the year. The drunken student hoards shift back in with their parents and the godless consumer beast that is 'christmas' with all it's tiresome obligations sucks on yr vital being like a blood hungry tumour. Everyone gets a little crazy this time of year. Families who hate each other forced together over game and piss. Hows the career going, loser???
And so, what a relief it was to assemble down at None's basement for the fourth and final event of last weeks mini-fest of visual art and performance..
1st up was the Auto Harpies, fresh back from a jaunt to the enlightened isles of the north,,,dizzying, dry, almost morbid science pop, indifferent cool psych enblazoned with an assortment of synth warbles and drones..a slightly lower-key set from the band compared the chicks triumph - but who could blame 'em - this was the end of a very long and hard year. Anyway, their keyboardist Aliki Boufis was on a long haul to Athens the next day...
drink. gurgle. fights. egos. egos like gas planets. dunedin demons. rage.
The Aesthetics were on next, with bass player Jason Barrett nursing a broken hand no less,,,determined to play...regardless,,,,macho/but sorta stupid,,a short set nonetheless,,,doing what we can with what we got and what bones we haven't got...'post-punk' perhaps....with this ugly familiar yokel twang in me vocals...solid drum-chum from openly communist Malcolm least this time our short performance was time you'll see us well have the LP for sale...anyone know why he had a broken hand?? An LP ? Who won lotto??
Voodoo Gangster were last and what a pleasant surprise - really cool electronic/techno/house from Sean Norling and guests...I'd love to get me hands on some of that swagger...abstract, super cool, uber-uber lounge/sci-fi tete-e-tete micro mouse voodoo nonp-reference lacky popper , sytnh from Iso12, maximum impact dry ice .. Nice to see Peter Gutteridge out and about...2009 will be VERY EXCITING and hopefully the logical continuation of all the GOOD WORK put in by the SCORES of very talented dunedin scum-bags and goodly yeomen I know so well. Amen.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


UM,,,,jus' lettin you know before time , because i idiotically named the url of this blog 'crude2008' , well, it'll just look retrograde if i leave it so, so,,,,,I'm starting a new official crude blog in 2009 called the 'Crude Decade'.
You can ready your bookmarks with it here::::::::::

the next crude album - the cover

the fruits of 2008: soon to be released stuff

Hello. Hello. Hello.
Dose down, cheeks ruddy and life rolling over to its sleepy conclusion : this has been 2008.
On the Crude front - the dvd is nearly finished (released on my brfday december 22) , a few more titless there like 'shooting up national', 'angry' , 'against the street', 'la fascista' , 'science' name just a few...very proud of this dvd . so, it's one of those dvd-rom things - you know , those things that were cool in the early'll have writings, (a prose piece for each piece), photos, 3 vids ('wrk ethic', 'j is for jesus' and some other thing...
The Aesthetics LP, well, nearly sent the master away until i found out it was all 'out of phase',, meanaing its back to the drawing board...apparantly, when mixing digital works for vinyl you must keep certain frequencies 'in phase' so as to not send the needle careering across the dubplates...oh well. its a learning curve , what., we The Aesthetics are playing none again december 13th,,,cant wait what a blast......
erm...isn't fun...heres the crude page on ....and the album 'syringe insekt' know this one:

...politics:::: parliament kicks off december 9...woohoo!
financial crisis! wooohhoooo !!!